Jalan Hang Kasturi (Kasturi Walk)

11:45 29/1/2012 After the cultural sightseeing and window shopping  at Central Market we dropped by at Jalan Hang Kasturi. Just beside the Central Market ( Pasar Seni) you can find this Kite ( Wau in Malay) design covered walk known as “Kasturi Walk”.   Here you can find retail, F&B stalls that captivates tourist due to it’s open air ambiance.  Malaysian […]

Central Market ( Pasar Seni): A glimpse of Malaysian Culture

13:45 23/1/2012  After walking aimlessly at Chinatown we walk across to Jalan Hang Kasturi which the Central Market is located. I had visited this place a couple of times and  mention it to Summer what’s inside. She always convince me to drop by and now I don’t have an  excuse since it’s  right across to Pasar […]