New Year Rave!

00:15 It’s Officially 2012 and we’re stuck in the middle of the crowd, staring each other and can’t figure out what to do next. We stay in one place and let others race in the exit path. Minutes passed by, we receive SMS and call from a friend who supposedly join us in NYC. Reunited, exhausted and thirst for New Year Rave.We head to the hippest place in KL  to have a stellar experience. Marching with herd of people coming from KLCC traversing Jalan Ampang.

“Supernova is ecstatic , electrifying and filled with mix crowd”.


Ground Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7729 0612

00:30  The crowd were mixed and everywhere you see were having a good time. It’s been quite a while the last time we party and drink all you can. After a series of Tiger Tower and shots of Tequila everyone had loosen up ,  attune with great music and do moves like jagger. 

The Gunner, The Tower of Tiger and The Gang
Me and Summer we’re alternating as gunner for the night and made sure all the glasses are bottoms up before got refilled. I think we consumed around 4 tiger towers that night, two from the gang and two from the sponsors. Our sponsors we’re too generous and even gave us some hard drinks. Who are we to refuse right? We love freebies.  We party like we should be and enjoy every single rhythm of music played by the DJ. 

The Hottie and the Chronicles of Long hair.

Some of us meet new friends, some we’re contended watching others dancing and we just seated in our table gulping  beer like a mad man. Can’t blame lah, it’s been like years  the last time we enjoy like these.

02:00 Time flies and BSB songs filled the air which reminds us the party is over. But not too fast, we’re the last gang standing in Supernova and made sure we didn’t waste any booze before deserting the palce. We talked like crazy and all those bizarre plan for the next new year and that will be in the 365 days. Boleh?

Sky Summer

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  1. Its so nice to see both of you surpass the calamities of the past year…this year's gotta be perfect for both of you!!!

  2. Thanks Bessy! You and Jhuls will rock as well! ^_^


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