Hatyai Trip: ASEAN Night Market

19:20 31/8/2012 Thirty minutes prior the sun bid adieu for the day. Together with our travel buddy, we rush into the biggest night market in Hatyai for ultimate shopping galore. Who would miss that? One had said, “It’s a mortal sin for shopaholics if they haven’t  visited at least one  in Thailand’s night market”. Ofcourse Summer wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity as she had long list to tick off. Albeit we have visited so many night markets in the past and all of them are much more the same. The ASEAN night market in Hatyai, Thailand was something different and diverse. 















Before I said anything about what stuff to buy, Summer was leading  the bargain alley. Whoa, her eyes lured and hypnotized to these stalls. From locally made bags, shoes, dress, and souvenirs to the second-hand items and knock offs.

We’re kinda looking for lost treasure in the middle of market labyrinth. No idea what where going and just take our instinct to go with the flow with locals.

We love the creativity and uniqueness of their Tee’s especially the expression shirts. But the price was too steep for miser like us.  So we have pass and let our Baht’s roll for other stuffs.

We thought we deceive by our blurry and unreliable vision but our friend insist, it’s Sky’s shoe store. So when we’re meter away from the stall and look up above, undoubtedly the signage says it all. We laugh and fooling around as if Sky owned it. 

Before her Imelda mentality took over, I reminded Summer to buy only a single pair of shoe and nothing else. Then she pick up two pairs and allowed me to chose the nicer one. You know guys will just pick up (random) just to get rid of impulsive confusion buyer syndrome.


After navigating the secret alleys of ASEAN night market, we reach the end of the maze, The Food Alley. The smell of grilled pork tenderloin made our stomach grumbled. We’re intoxicated of it’s aroma and searching where it came from. But we end up looking to local folks devouring  that assorted raw vegetables. Mix and matching, it’s kinda weird and thought it was their own version of shabu-shabu. 

The crackling sound of deep fried chicken skin reverberates in our eardrums . Our buddy didn’t wait too long and buy a larger pouch of this sinful  treat. Even this food had excessive amount of LDL cholesterol and could have trigger happy our BP’s to its peak. But this wouldn’t budge our craving. We consume at least three large pouch of chicken skin paired with Thai spicy vinegar.


Yet, it’s only an intro to our food tripping. Then we hit the  food on skewers particularly the chorizo Thai version. It would be better to dip it in Thai chili sauce for an extra kick. But you must have a water or cold beverage at hand in case their little spicy is too much for you. 

Fruit shakes are also winners, I can’t explain it but their shakes are far better than commercial shakes we buy in the malls in Philippines.

















Grilled squid, crab pincers, Chicken Briyani Rice, purple corn cobs and mixed dimsums among our favorites. 


Aside from the steamy fresh cooked Takoyaki, the Thai lady chef got the attention of passers-by. Her beauty is an epitome of Thai woman.  We  should have try her Thai version of Takoyaki. Maybe on the next visit.
Still searching for Thai food we bump into a stall that sells exotic food. We’ll share how Sky persuaded to eat a cricket on the next post.
Night Market Junkies,
Sky and Summer

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  1. The night market is really a must visit in Thailand.
    Just make sure to bring home some pasalubong for love ones.

  2. Yes, we bring a lot of souvenir stuffs. 🙂

  3. This kind of adventure I would love to try with my wife someday! I really like Thai food.

  4. I like the statement shirts especially the one that says, I am not perfect but I am limited edition.

  5. wow! where is this place about in thailand? I've never heard ASEAN night market or mybe I've been there already but just can't remember the name. Love all the shopping there too! xx

  6. Thailand seems to have a lot of night markets in various parts of the country. Thailand is indeed a place to go to for bargain finds and cheap prices for all kinds of items.

  7. Thailand as I know is one of the SOUTHEAST ASIAN FASHION CAPITAL aside from Indonesia and Singapore. They have cheap price offers to all fashion accessories. Hope I can do my shopping there too!

  8. Once ,I asked my friend who is now based in Bangkok, if he could buy me a mobile phone, And without hesistation he nodded, Marami raw sa night market and it cost less.

  9. Hatyai is a separate tourist spot on its own! I mean, I've been to BKK. But I never got to visit this sort of area, when my bestfriend and I were wandering all day. I would have probably gone loco with all the food choices too. Now I'm hungry…

  10. You're right about the shirts.. They are cool.. And those foods make me hungry right now… 🙂

  11. Streetfoods and cheap bargains are what I will enjoy visiting Thailand this December 🙂

  12. Now, this is definitely amazing. I want to experience this first hand, too! 😀

  13. Its like our very own Divisoria. I hope I could visit Hatyai someday.

  14. Ohhh my! The street foods! They look so irresistible! I hope I could also try those someday. Will visit the place next summer! 🙂

  15. Same here Doc Wends! i plan to celebrate my Bday in Thailand

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