No More Strangers: Moore’s Legacy

20:09 31/3/2012 Sky and Manju was indeed busy taking photos in the Earth Hour event. I look around and did notice this pretty and adorable girl , and a  very handsome curly haired boy together with their parents. Since I really adored  these two kids I  took a snapshots on them without hesitation. But honestly, I was scared because they might be angry or what. But her mom and dad showed a smile which I assume it’s okay. I personally  thank them for allowing me to take photos with their kids. I didn’t think that would be the start of our more than 60 minutes of chitchat with the Moore family.

Since I was hesitant to start a conversation, I handed over a paper that says “I’m going to upload the photos in our blog site”  together with the  link. I was surprised because I didn’t expect a response from them. I come to know their names when their mom give me reply on piece of paper. The charming and pretty girl name is Yasmin whose age is 12. While the 13 year old cute blond curly haired is Alex which I  fondly called him Cedie (from a classic animated story Little Lord Fauntleroy or Little Prince Cedie).

See what I mean? A resemblance of Prince Cedie.
I started with a simple conversation which later leads to a long discussion as we talk anything under the sun.  They had stayed in Malaysia for already two weeks and  assume they went to Malaysian F1 Grand Prix in Sepang Internatonal Circuit. My guess was right and that’s how we get connected since we’re also passionate on Cars and F1 as they did. I’ve come to know that they had even meet  all the F1 drivers at the pit stop. Then Manju and Sky started to join the conversation. They showed us the previous and current photos of F1 cars, drivers together with the kids. It was really awesome looking to their pictures as they have all of them.

I was really moved and inspired with this family. During our conversation, the parents  said “I want to let my children explore the world” . They want their kids not only to learn in the four corners of the room, but to keep learning and have that passion of travelling as a legacy.They were so lucky for having a parents who let them discover and enjoy the travel at the same time. I mean not all parents do that because others had no time to spend due to busy work schedule. Both parents accompanied their kids to wander as they don’t want them to be stuck in a daily routine. Everywhere these kids go they have something to share with their friends and relatives as they have a lot of stories and experience to tell. I even suggest to their parents to have the kids start documenting their travel through a diary or blogging. 

As my little way of gratitude to this family I give them my two 1Malaysia pins as sign of friendship to Yasmin and Alex.  I’m very thankful that I met them and hope they will never forget us. The hardest part once you get to know the people were exchanging goodbyes. But who knows we will met them on the road and might travelling with us in the future.

The friendly Stranger,

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