Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2012: People, Food, and Place

12:05 23/3/2012 F1 Grand Prix is a multicultural event where people coming together in one place to another. Aimed to cheerup their favorite  F1 team and compatriots. Or simply witness the fastest superb car maneuvered on the circuit track. Everywhere you look were people in all ages regardless of color, race, nationality or religion. It is […]

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No More Strangers: Moore’s Legacy

20:09 31/3/2012 Sky and Manju was indeed busy taking photos in the Earth Hour event. I look around and did notice this pretty and adorable girl , and a  very handsome curly haired boy together with their parents. Since I really adored  these two kids I  took a snapshots on them without hesitation. But honestly, I […]