4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Putrajaya

07:50 18/03/2012 The 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is an event that we had anticipated so much and even planned it few weeks back. We initially scheduled it on Saturday at time for night glow and fireworks show but due to unfavorable circumstance we had move it on the next day. Sunday comes and our itchy feet took us to  Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Where these magnificent colorful balloons predominates the air space. We heard from the event announcer that the Hare and Hound Fun competition had just started. So we’re just right in time and our eyes glued when we saw the Blue Heart shape hot air balloon with white, maroon and light blue stripes just lifted up from launching area.

We’re both fascinated for the fact it’s our first ever to attend this kind of event and witness the Hot Air Balloon (HAB) flying for the first time. It was really moving, so we documented our first encounter of HAB lifted up from the ground. We’re been ensnared in our spot as we could see them closer and took a better picture.

The fire expelled from the burner was also a spectacle view to behold. We moved nearer to the launching area and see it our very own eyes how much effort it will take to flew a single HAB. 

Every HAB flown to the sky, the announcer cheers up and the crowd warmly responds to the call. The spectators were very cooperative and even yell to boost the HAB team who will  leave next from the pad. 

There were 24 HAB participated in the event from different countries. Some of them are frequent joiners in the Balloon fiesta and rest were first timers. 

These 3 unusual HAB shape grab our attention. The Yellow Orange Balloon  ” Felix the Cat”, The Flying Tree ” Woodrow C. Greenleaf” and the noticeable “Iwi the Kiwi” from New Zealand. Except from Felix the Cat, the two balloons takes time to flown as it requires more air to fill due to its sheer size. 

Aside from those 3 there were also SIM card look from Tunetalk, Birthday Cake Balloon and the typical shape of HAB. The picture shown of three balloons on the lower right were meant for tethered rides. These HAB were tied by a rope to the ground so it will go high up to the sky. You’ll be allowed to ride the balloon for 5-7 minutes for 10 RM but only limited for 300 tickets per day.

The Number 22, 13 and 20 were among our favorite HAB. Aside from the obvious reason ( Colors) why we love this three  because we’re able to see them inflated until they had gracefully  lifted towards the sky. It was a memorable experience for us to eye witness the whole scene.

We’re kinda surprise looking on the para motor pilots sailing along with the Hot Air Balloon. They were like flies roaming around the area in a special formation and did caught the attention of the crowd. Another an unfamiliar air vehicle surveying around the air space. We just recall it’s like a Zeppelin air craft but it’s a smaller version and its remote controlled one. Since most of HAB were already unto the sky, we exited the launching area and head to the flea market to find some refreshments.

Oh no these are not Hot Air Balloons. These are the  Helium filled balloon which the sellers were flaunting  to entice the kids. Looking at them made us remembered the Balloon vendors outside the Basilica Minor de Sto. NiƱo in Cebu which we usually went to attend the Sunday mass. 

 We heard growls from our stomach, reminding us that they haven’t grind anything since evening. But before we filled our empty gut, we took advantage of HAB Wall intended for photo souvenir. Of course who doesn’t want take snaps on photo booth as remembrance? We queued up and take turns to take pictures.

We made a quick stop at the Balloon Discovery Center adjacent to the Photo Booth Wall. It showcase the history and information about flying the Hot Air Balloon. Reading some HAB 101’s and learned about each parts and importance in HAB flying.

The 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was a success . It was estimated around a hundred thousand Malaysians and tourist from neighboring countries gathered within Precinct 2, Putrajaya to attend this 4 Days event. 

The first time experience and the joy of HAB flying  will be treasured forever. We hope this will not be our first and last for a Balloon fiesta. We’re looking forward to come back for the 5th and also experience our own The 18th Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta next year.

Hot Air Balloon Lover,

Sky and Summer

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  1. wow such a nice experience! <3 And i love your blog guys!

  2. Yeah it was really an awesome experience! Thanks for <3 and liking our blog ^_^

    Sky and Summer

  3. Remind of Hot Air Balloon Fiesta of Clark Pampanga. Colorful and festive mood envelops the whole environs!

  4. But I think Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark is more #fun. Way dapig-dapig. hehe

    Kita-kits next year sa Clark!

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