Melaka Trip: Restrospecting Melaka, An Overview

16:10 29/04/2012 It had been  long been overdue from the time we planned to visit Melaka. The original plan was to go there by Friday night and come back on Sunday afternoon. But it wasn’t followed as our travel mate Manju had some errands to run on Friday. Other reason was,  we don’t want get lost on the road and wrong turned. That sounds creepy and disastrous. We bound to Melaka on early Saturday Morning and return the next day afternoon.  The 2 Days 1 Night we spent in the historical city was epic. Though we have minor setbacks but everything was followed according to our plan and itinerary. We started the day to find the road that will lead us to Melaka. We’re kinda lost, and need to figure out the way. Decided for quick stop  and  took our breakfast at Mc D. Satisfying our empty stomach was a wise decision as we able to come up for a plan. 

We got an instruction to follow Lebuhraya Utara Selatan ( Express Way) from the locals.  Started our road tripping that took us more than two hours. We could have reached Melaka sooner if did not misinterpreted the Google Map direction. We’ll tell the whole story in the succeeding series.

The odds was on us and arrived safely  to the World Heritage City of Melaka. We’re welcomed by the familiar reddish structure, the trademark of Melaka historical buildings.

We meandered the city starting from the Historical sites of Christ Church Melaka, The Stadhuys, Queen Victoria Fountain, Dutch Square, St. Paul’s Church, Melaka River and Melaka Sultanate Palace.

Who will missed  the famous Porta de Santiago known as The A’Famosa? This gatehouse was the only remaining part of the old fortress, built during the Portuguese occupation in the 16th Century.

We dropped by to the museums and looked back Melaka at the old times. Even we spend  few minutes  to these places. We learned the life and mixed culture of Melaka in the past.

Only in Melaka you can see the churches, mosques, temples adjacent to each other which signifies it’s religious diversity. The Kampung Kling Mosque was near to a Hindu and Chinese Temples.

Along with Melaka’s rich culture, their Baba Nyonya cuisine (Chinese – Malay influence) was to die for.  We never passed the opportunity to taste the authentic Melaka treat. They’d known for the Chicken Rice Balls and the dessert Cendol.  

If you haven’t visit  Melaka at night then you missed half of your life. The Historical town transformed into a vibrant dynamic city during night time. Must see the Melaka River, Rickshaws and the Water Wheel at evening. 

Of course the Melaka adventure will not be completed if you haven’t been to the famous night market , the Jonker Walk in Chinatown. The quaint street in the morning converted to a bustling alley during night time where locals sell Melaka’s famous food, crafts, antiques, souvenirs and almost everything you could imagine. 

We ended our first day at full blast and dissipated all our energy. Time to hit the bed to recharge for another day adventure.  It was our  very first time to sleep in a guest house away from our familiar bed and comfort pillow. We checked in at L’Armada Guest House, a nice homey feeling place for budget travelers. We’ll post a separate entry with our good experience with  this abode.

Morning comes and we’d greeted by the Lovely Sunrise viewed from the guest house window. We packed up and hit the road again and ended our adventure at Melaka ZooWe did have a great time touring the 22 hectare of Melaka Zoo. And honestly it was our first time to visit a Zoological Park in our entire life. There, we had saw more than 1200 animals from the common to the extinct ones. 

We move out and back on the road  and that time we owed a favor to Google Map as we had reached KL in an hour and 30 minutes time. 

That concludes our journey in retrospecting Melaka. Follow our detailed Melaka Trip series as we will uncover our travel mishaps, boo-boo moments and of course our first road trip and overnight experience.

Historical City Wanderers,

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