Melaka Trip: Foodie Trail

10:45 28/4/2012 Christ Church, Stadhuys, Dutch Tower, A Famosa, St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca River and Jonker Walk were the famous landmarks associated when you heard about Malacca. But how about the food? The same question we asked ourselves when we get there. We haven’t made any research about food prior to our travel and just relied on the word of mouth from our local friends. It’s a fact that when you asked locals they’ll will certainly give you bestest and it they never fail you. Though we haven’t crossed out all the best food on the list that Melaka can offer. But we have tasted at least the dishes synonymous to Malacca and that we’ll show you off and let you salivate, wink.

Cendol Jam Besar
When you get exhausted meandering the historical landmarks of Malacca by foot especially during summer. Try the Cendol on the stall opposite to the Victoria fountain, adjacent to Malacca river. 
It’s a mix of shaved ice, evaporated milk, red beans, corn, black gulaman, green worm like jelly (made from rice flour) and the gula melaka (brown sugar in syrup). It’s more similar to Halo-Halo in the Philippines. We admit, the green worm like jelly doesn’t look appealing but after mixing it with brown sugar syrup and other ingredients. It taste good but not enough to make us crave.

Pahlawan Mall Food Court


With so many restoran and local stalls why in the foodcourt? Ok this is the only place closest to A Famosa , the moment when our stomach grumble. So we settled in at the food court and took whatever food available during that time.


Sky took Claypot Soy Chicken Rice and remarked it as so-so. Anyway he doesn’t really care if it taste awful or not especially when his hungry.

And Moi was Claypot Sweet and Sour Fish. Oh boy, this is my first time to eat with a claypot and she had already win my <3. The aroma alone made me more hungrier. The lime zest over ride the smell of fish and it blends perfectly with other spices. I was sent to utopia in an instant, Chos!  I’ll give it a 5 out 5.
I guess the Teh Ais Limau (Ice Lemon Tea) was the perfect combo to our claypot meal.  Lunch was solve.

Satay Celup


After chasing the sunset in Flor de la Mar replica ship, we took advantage of the view from above. From our sight we saw a BBQ stand adjacent to the river that seems so inviting. Yes we give in, sino ba aayaw sa food? ( who will not give up for food?)
We have no idea what is Satay Celup is. What do remember was chicken satay and nothing else. Until we bump to the stall and astonished by the variety of this food on skewers. From fresh veggie, high cholesterol quail eggs, mushroom, crabsticks, tempura, kikiam and others

Of course all the balls (fish, squid, crab etc.) were there. You’ll just have to mix and match according to your preference.  So we grab anything that’s pleasing to our eyes. Then Kakak( elder sister) will boil the veggies in the pot while other were deep fried in hot oil.


You might wonder why the end of skewers is colour coded? That is how they label the prices, anti-cheat proof eh? Red colour was 1 RM and the green ones were 50 Sents. Then our Satay Celup was served with spicy peanut sauce.


I failed to remind Kakak that I can’t eat too much spicy, and the sauce was already splattered to our Satay Celup. 

Moi make tusok-tusok with the kikiam. 
But I have to endure it’s spiciness, with help of my  two buddies who cheered me up. The first three sticks were bearable and the fourth stick made me halt and shout for joy water. Good thing my yummy coconut shake top with Ice Cream  was already served.

I quickly sipped it and stinging spicy subsided, overwhelmed by the taste of coconut and ice cream. I high recommend this coconut shake with ice cream, it’s not too sweet just enough to satisfy my sugar cravings. 


Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball


The red facade, old chinese script and attractive visual from the outside were our deciding factor to visit this restoran along the Jonker Walk.

Judging from it’s interior with all those old news papers clips and pictures. This establishment had been for ages and had witnessed how Malacca had been transformed. We find  the place cozy with a  homey atmosphere. 


Famosa  pioneered the famous Chicken Rice Balls in Malacca. This is the dish that is synonymous with Malacca. You can’t find any authentic Chicken Rice Ball in any part of Malaysia except in this state.

The chicken rice ball paired with a thinly sliced roasted chicken garnished with cucumber and celery were the best seller and celebrity in the restoran. The chicken was very tender and just cooked right. You can never go wrong to taste this famous food  when you visit the town.

Don’t forget to try their crispy skin  tender meat Char Siew (Roasted Pork). It’s a sinful food that you can’t hardly resist. So far, this is the best Char Siew we had tasted compare to what we have tried in KL. 

The fresh coconut is good healthy option with our sinful indulgence of Char Siew. The coconut juice  was not that good but enough to quench our thirst.
For the dessert, we tasted their version of Cendol. It taste a lot of better compare what we have tried in Jam Besar. I think the Palm sugar and it’s authentic coconut milk made the difference. The green worm like isn’t bad either as we expected. It’s definitely a must try. I score it as 5 out of 5

Night Bingeing 
After tiring ourselves with more than kilometer walk in Jonker. It made Sky and our buddy hungry again and both had search for food in the middle of the night. 
Look at the guy’s faces, kunyari hindi halatang gutom (pretending not to look starving). And I checked what they brought from the hawker near the Malacca river.

Mee Goreng with Shrimp and pork tidbits for Sky while our buddy settled for Scrambled egg. We didn’t expect the food was that tasty with generous amount of serving. And the night will not end without capping a bottle of beer for Sky.
Cheers Buddy!

A Tiger Beer to complete his day in Malacca, while enjoying tranquil night in this great historical city. We’ll surely come back again and will attempt to taste what we had missed.
Couple Foodie,
Summer and Sky
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  1. inggit much … tataba ka tlga niyan sobra

  2. Josh, bumalik ulit pagka chubby namin. hahaha. woi pag napadalaw kami sa Manila, food trip tayo sa Binondo ha game?

  3. I miss the chicken rice at Restoran Famosa! Nagutom ako bigla, ang galing ng shots mo. Ano gamit mo? 🙂

    yey naka comment din sa wakas! 🙂


  4. hmmmmm..all are yummy food. kakainggit much.

  5. I'm glad that you two like to explore when it comes to food, especially with the green looking worm stuff that you had to try. 😛 My beau and I actually have weak stomachs. So we're usually careful about what we eat. But if things get out of hand, there's always Diatabs! Lol! Malacca food does looking appetizing especially the Satay Celup. 🙂

  6. hahaha kaya pla colored yung skewers! My mouth-waters, Sarap!lalo na yung crispy pork version nila, hayst

  7. I'd like to try the different Satay in Satay Celup. Great street foods.

  8. wow so so drooling on all the food, this can make anyone gain in weight

  9. chicken rice ball sounds delicious, I am familiar with Gwangju's rice ball (rice with sesame seed and seaweed) and its significance in their democracy. The restaurant must be a heritage restaurant then with their unique dishes.I would love the coconut shake/ice cream as well….hmmm the noodles galore….

  10. Tara balik Mafey! thankies, DSLR 🙂

    Sa Wakas, good job kay blogger at naka comment kana.

  11. So true, from the interior decorations of restaurant, no doubt it's one of the heritage of Malacca that hey can be proud of. ^_^

  12. Thanks. Nagbunga talaga ang pagiging matakaw namin sa food… the weight can't be denied.

  13. after researching more about satay celup, we haven't even tasted just a half of it. Let's go pig out then run 🙂

  14. Jeff masarap talaga yang roasted pork na yan. kahit walang soy sauce panalong-panalo. 🙂

  15. Mai, maselan din kami sa food dati, we could say na overcome na rin namin ng pakunti-kunti. Pero meron kami dalang diatabs, kremil-s at anti-histamine, just to be safe. 🙂

    Marami pang foods sa Malacca na dapat balikan. hihihi

  16. Indeed yummy and they're cheaper 🙂

  17. Mmm this post makes me miss my adopted homeland of Malaysia 🙂 Having spent half my life there, the food was of big importance to me. Melaka is the Cebu of Malaysia, the literal melting pot of cultures! This post is heart-warming for me 🙂

    Also, did you know that all letter Cs in Bahasa Malaysia is pronounced as 'ch'? Just some trivia 🙂


  18. I commented na pala previously anyway, I did enjoy your meal, looking at them and really inggit, I hope I get a chance someday to visit the place and taste those that you've written here…

  19. The dishes looks yummy but I am worried since I am not into spicy kind of food. I hope they will make it really mild if ever I will have a chance to visit Mallaca so I could eat ém =)

  20. The food is somewhat similar to what we have except for some unique ingredients and food presentation. What's with the "green worm", by the way? Is it a staple in their desserts?

  21. Cendol is like one of the local delights in my hometown. It's awesome to take during rainy or hot season.

    dimaks | The Urban Walker

  22. Now I am craving, for real. Love the foods! Looks so yummy!

  23. Wow, another set of travel with a sumptuous food…so Moi really made tusok-tusok on the kikiam ah…:D

  24. The dishes seems great. Personally, I have little info about Malacca, thanks for sharing this info, now alam ko na kung ano masarap mayroon sa Malacca.

  25. Cendol Jam Besar definitely looks like halo halo…

    plenty of intriguing foods to try… but the wide array of Satay Celup skewers is just oh so tempting!!! 🙂

  26. wow! thats a lot of food right there. thanks for posting this. namiss ko bigla mgfood trip with friends 🙂

  27. Walang anuman, at marami pa kaming i shahare pag balik namin dun 🙂

  28. Yup Myk, nde talaga nawawala ang food sa travel namin. 🙂

  29. Totoo, masarap talaga mga food nato. sarap ulit bumalik ng Malacca.

  30. True, We don't miss a week without eating Cendol. This is like a comfort food for us. 🙂

  31. Ms Teresa, it's made of rice flour with pandan flavour coloring. They usually use it in desserts such as Ice Kacang and Cendol.

  32. Actually the food is not spicy, just the sauce, Since we failed to inform the vendor, so we have it eat by no choice. 🙂

  33. Hey, thanks. you'll enjoy more when you see it by yourself. By the way marami masarap na chocolates dito sa Malaysia, so pay a visit. 🙂

  34. Wow, I believe you have your great memories with these foods. So True, awe love Cebu, the same as we love Malacca. There is really connection between the two, both historical cities, with great food and friendly people.

    Yup, just we knew after we ate the first Cendol in KL, it was pronounce that way.

  35. Can't agree more, Food is indeed enjoyable when you go out with friends.

  36. Yes, more like of Halo-halo but the taste is far different.

    Actually we only covered just few of the Satay Celup, more reason to come back to Mallaca

  37. the food has a similar look with Pinoy foods, but I'm sure there's something distinct as far as the taste is concerned.

  38. Thanks for sharing this post. Except for the street food, I've never seen the other food you've had. Makes me wonder how they tasted. I love spicy food. 🙂

  39. Yep, they look the same but Malaysian foods is a fusion of different cuisine due to its Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, and British influence.

  40. You'll surely love Malacca, Malaysia Rachelle, choices of spicy food are endless. 🙂

  41. The roasted pork caught my eyes. Haha! Sarap!!

  42. Masarap talaga Miss Ness, at malutong pa ang balat. 🙂

  43. I'm starving and these dishes seem to invite my taste buds for a mouth-watering indulgence but only my eyes will be pleased and not my stomach. 🙁

  44. Punta po kayo dito sa Malaysia, mura lang naman po ang ticket. 🙂

  45. I think Cendol Jam Besar tastes good. I don't know, but seeing it in the picture and the description, I want to try it.

  46. wow those yummy foods looks so great! i want satay also! my fave with peanut sauce! xx

  47. My uncle has been to Malaysia a couple of times and I wonder I never heard any of these from him (except noodles and satay). Most likely he settles for those every time (playing safe, not choosy with food too hehe) 🙂

  48. Cendol in Jam Besar looks nice but taste so-so, we recommend the Cendol in Restoran Famosa.

  49. Actually Dems, mas marami pang foods ang hindi namin nakain the last time we visit Melaka, that's why magkakaron ng sequel ang food trip nat 🙂

  50. Chicken and Beef Satay is one of our favourite Malay dish, and peanut sauce is to die for. 🙂

  51. Those food got me hungry all of a sudden. I kinda missed having street food already.

  52. Food trip bonding. I missed it. All foods in the photo looks so delightful.

  53. Same here, if we saw pictures of food from the blog, it entices us and crave right away. 🙂

  54. Thanks Super Mommy Jem, it's our common ground> Food 🙂

  55. cge ba basta libre mo ko ha .. konti lang din me kumaen hehehe .. cguro isang stick ng kikiam oks na sa akin yun at tsaka isang isang plastik lng ng coke ok na ako 🙂

  56. OMG. irresistible ang food trip! I will get a dose of high-fiber drinks after consuming all these foods! :p

  57. Despite most of them looks familiar to Penang dishes, everything looks a must-try! I've never been to Melaka and hopefully will get to bring my feet there soon.

  58. Sure, we'll let you know once ma fix namin ang sched. 🙂

  59. True Malacca and Penang were identical be it in historical value and it's cuisine. That's why we want to experience both of their cuisines to differ which one is the best. 🙂

  60. Ed, indeed it was, there's no way for us to stop our gluttonic urges. More to come! 🙂

  61. This is such an ultimate food trip! I am so envious of you guys 🙂 Satay celup piqued my interest.

  62. Satay Celup is really enticing and sure once we come back we'll be hooked up again with this food. 🙂

    Thanks Yani! 🙂

  63. Super sarap naman nyan! I think I would love the fish bowl and the halo halo lookalike. Are you based jan ba in Melaka? Would love to meet you when I go there 🙂

  64. Aleah masarap ang Cendol at Satay Celup.

    We wish dito kami base, unfortunately sa KL kami 🙂 If ever you go to Melaka, tag us along, hindi kami uurong basta food trip hehehe.

  65. I want that Satay ! Now!lol… One of the things that make me consider visiting a place is the FOOD…the more exotic to my eyes, smell and taste , the more I crave for it…drooling again…Kapag nagpunta ako jan turo nio po sa akin san masarap magkaLUSOG LUSOG ung tipong magiging extra baggage na sa plane … hahahaha.

  66. Satay is the food to die for. Hahaha.

    Exotic? let's try cricket, bugs, worms, game? hehehe

    Once you visit here, we'll drag you to the gluttonic places in KL. We hope we can bump you one of our travel.

  67. I really enjoyed this food trip, thank you for the tour. 😀 Among all the food you featured, I'm curious to try Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. I guess I'm gonna shout for JOY! hahaha

  68. You bet Justin, chicken rice ball is food shouldn't be missed. 🙂

  69. Waa~ seeing that cendol remind me of Pak Li Kopitiam's Cendol, now i'm cravin for one >.< there are several Pak Li Kopitiam outlet in Selangor area, u should try their version, the shaved ice is so smooth i love it! (but somehow in some other outlets the cendol tasted a tad different don't know why..( '-')..but the one i went to–at Section 7 & 18 Shah alam, Selangor is my favorite) u can go to their website to find out their outlets 🙂 they also got foods that are mostly inspired/influenced by nyonya style cuisine 🙂 maybe if u go to visit i-City in Shah Alam someday u can drop by the restaurant

  70. Just right on time, we're planning to visit I-CIty on the coming days, and we'll surely try it in Pak Li Kopitiam . We also love Cendol! <3

  71. i see, cool! 😀 then the closest Pak Li Kopitiam outlet to i-city would be the one in Section 7, it should be not more than 10 minutes away by car.. i go there often 'cuz i study in shah alam (^^)v Cendol is like one of the best comfort food

  72. Thanks for sharing, we'll make sure to visit that branch. I can't agree more, Cendol got our <3 ^_^

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