Affaire de Coeur with Clouds

Ever since I was a kid, I’m wondering how would it feel closer to you (white pile of cotton candy up in the sky). We got acquainted on my Science class during the primary years. I was fixated and can’t stop dreaming. Hence imagining my self that one day I’ll be able to fly up above, touch and chase you.

My fascination about you relive the moment of my first flight way back 2006. Gazing on the window was the only thing I did for the entire flight. I was rewarded with a stunning view, a sea of clouds. I was delighted and went enthusiastic, a kid spirit had awaken in me. Since then, I can’t hide  “affaire de coeur” ( french for love affair) with you and it’s getting more intense after that day.

Sea of Clouds, Cebu City

I wish I had captured all those magnificent view of you from several air travel that I had in the past. Now, I have the opportunity to get hold of a camera, enough to capture your endless beauty and I’ll never stop clicking the shutter until I got the best shot. And because I need to see you every time I’m flying, it’s imperative to get hold of a window seat. It’s never been a burden since I’m an early bird so I always got the window no matter what, just to see you.

The patches of cumulus cloud scattered up in the air overlooking the crisscross roads of Buda (Bukidnon-Davao) was one of breath taking view which instantly send me to Arcadia. On that blissful moment  I can’t stop singing ” I Feel Good ” by James Brown.

You never failed to surprise me every time we meet. The view of  Mt. Mayon  surrounded by multi-layered of Cumulus clouds was one of my personal favorite. It’s my first time to see such beauty of the perfect cone volcano up in the sky.

And when we had our time together, my heart beats so fast. All I can see is your image, painted in a canvass, visually splendid. Looking at you, remember of my child wish, to  ride the Kinto-un cloud just like Goku, of Dragon Ball Z.

Whenever I got home, you always hide that picturesque island then you revealed it like a surprise.

 You know when I’m sad, you just show me a heap of clouds then all the worries gone just like the old times. Because you know me so well so as my dreams and aspirations. You told me that one had said, “people who look up into the clouds and sky , imagining,  are ones have their dreams within their reach”. I certainly agree what you said. 

Up until now, you have a special place to my heart and that will be keep forever.

In Love with Clouds,

Sky <3

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