Coffee Terrace, Genting Pahang Malaysia

12:00 29/9/2012 Aside from the famous  theme park and cold climate of Resorts World Genting. Food was an enough reason why we visit “Fun city above the cloud”  last year. Wanna know why? It’s all because of 58RM deal which bus, cable car ride both round trip with  Lunch Buffet. It’s a great deal considering  transportation would cost us around that much not including the buffet. So, no way for us not to missed it. 

We arrived in Coffee Terrace past 12 noon, just in time when the lunch buffet got started. Our jaws dropped when we saw the price of Lunch Buffet. Is this for real? It’s like we’re paying the buffet and the transportation from KL to Genting back and forth were free.

Our hungry stomach lured us to the dining hall and our eyes feasted looking the corner with different dishes. There’s a lot of option in their buffet. From Baba-Nyonya  Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Western to Mediterranean dishes. A dessert bar, ice cream and tea station are just around the corner

I have Veggie Japanese Fritters, and California Maki as my appetizers. I picked Chinese braised egg, Mediterranean style Lamb chops and Malaysia’s Chicken satay

 And non stop gnawing that grilled sea foods ( prawns and mussels). Both were seasoned with fresh herbs and oil. Every bite is a taste of heaven. The smell of melted butter and the aroma of herbs intoxicate our senses. What can we say, Pure bliss!

Though the choices were endless at the dessert bar, we took Panna Cotta.  Then concluded our gastronomic adventure at Coffee Terrace with a sip of lemon grass tea. 

We’ll be back and try eating at their alfresco terrace with cold wind from the mountain.

Address: Lobby Floor, Genting Hotel, Resorts World Genting Pahang, Malaysia

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this buffet restaurant.

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