Coffee Terrace, Genting Pahang Malaysia

12:00 29/9/2012 Aside from the famous  theme park and cold climate of Resorts World Genting. Food was an enough reason why we visit “Fun city above the cloud”  last year. Wanna know why? It’s all because of 58RM deal which bus, cable car ride both round trip with  Lunch Buffet. It’s a great deal considering  transportation would cost us around that much not including the buffet. So, no way for us not to missed it. 

We arrived in Coffee Terrace past 12 noon, just in time when the lunch buffet got started. Our jaws dropped when we saw the price of Lunch Buffet. Is this for real? It’s like we’re paying the buffet and the transportation from KL to Genting back and forth were free.

Our hungry stomach lured us to the dining hall and our eyes feasted looking the corner with different dishes. There’s a lot of option in their buffet. From Baba-Nyonya  Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Western to Mediterranean dishes. A dessert bar, ice cream and tea station are just around the corner

I have Veggie Japanese Fritters, and California Maki as my appetizers. I picked Chinese braised egg, Mediterranean style Lamb chops and Malaysia’s Chicken satay

 And non stop gnawing that grilled sea foods ( prawns and mussels). Both were seasoned with fresh herbs and oil. Every bite is a taste of heaven. The smell of melted butter and the aroma of herbs intoxicate our senses. What can we say, Pure bliss!

Though the choices were endless at the dessert bar, we took Panna Cotta.  Then concluded our gastronomic adventure at Coffee Terrace with a sip of lemon grass tea. 

We’ll be back and try eating at their alfresco terrace with cold wind from the mountain.

Address: Lobby Floor, Genting Hotel, Resorts World Genting Pahang, Malaysia

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this buffet restaurant.

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  1. Nakita ko 'to nung nag-Genting kami two years ago, pero hindi kami tumuloy kumain dito. Maharlika ang price hehe tsaka napabili ako bigla ng leggings dun. Naka-shorts kasi akong pumunta eh August nun T___T

  2. Aleah | says: Reply

    Sarap sarap naman. It looks really pricey though. If ever I get to eat here, special occasions lang siguro 😀

  3. Maharlika Talaga Mica, kaya sinama namin sa package ang buffet, kasi ito talaga sadya namin, next time na lang ang enjoyment sa theme park. Can't imagine nag shorts ka dun? for sure magtitinginan mga tao at sabay sabi Is she from Iceland? hehehe

  4. Though it's pricey, but the look and taste justifies it. Bring your partner here, supah nice ang ambiance sa Alfresco terrace.

  5. Yun ang napapala ng mga sugod ng sugod na di nagreresearch :)) it was a fun surprise though. Nag-outdoor breakfast pa ako bago ko narealize na shet, anlamig dito wahaha akala ko nga yung cable car ride 5 minutes lang :))

  6. Akala din namin mga less than 5 minutes, yung ang haba pala.

  7. Ang sarap sarap naman nito, picture palang nakakagutom na. Wish ko matry rin ito. 🙂

  8. AHHHH!! Yung cake, nakakadiabetes naman niyan! T_T

  9. you mean Panna Cotta? it's not too sweet 🙂

  10. Yes, their food are heavenly delicious. Come here in Malaysia 🙂

  11. Wow, I would certainly try this buffet when I get to Malaysia

  12. food looks amazing especially the dessert.. money spent well on this package tour.. very nice…

  13. Great Food photos that made me drool. Choosing a place is so difficult especially if you're a tourist. But this place it is very easy to decide to stay and have a try.

  14. The dessert really looks so delicious and I love the place! 😀

  15. Wow!! Super love! The panna cotta looks really yummy. Perfect for coffee

  16. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    At first I was surprised to see prices less than a 100 for amount then viewed the offerings of food below. Then I double-checked to see whether the values are in dollar or in a different currency than peso and they are. Haha. Those prices are pretty expensive din pala ah.

  17. The place loooks so spacious eh! BUt the prices, OMG, not for me at all. haha.

  18. hi. my hubby n i are going to kl, malaysia as first time tourists. i would like to know where you got your genting tour pkg. i would appreciate your help. thanks

  19. Hello Lilibeth, thanks for visiting our blog. You can purchase the genting tour package in kl sentral, there is a booth near the bus station bounds for lcct/klia/genting

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