Hatyai Trip: Banana Roti

21:40 31/08/2012 Our first night in Hatyai, Thailand was undeniably by far one of our best gastronomic experience we ever had until this date. That humongous prawns, grilled squids, mango glutinous rice and sweet fresh fruits were just overwhelming. It carves out a good memory on our palate and hope for a repeat before the year end.  It was just outside the Lee Garden (popular mall in Hatyai) when we sniff an unmistakably sweet smell coming from a vendor cooking something like a pan cake.

Out of curiosity we watch the guy, and  witnessed how a roti is flipped back and forth and pan fried, Hatyai Version style. 

Just forget the annoying chipmunks (Sky, Summer and travel buddy) on the background.

A mixture of smash bananas, flour, salt, sugar, whole egg, milk, butter or margarine. The banana roti vendor gladly showed us how he did this sweet treat heavenly delicious. I guess it takes a lot of practice to have it perfectly done. It’s best served topped with condensed milk, sugar and chocolate syrup, Banana Roti Hatyai style is ready.

 This food gives good value of your baht, usually cost 15-30 baht per serving. Banana roti is one of the most loved food by foreigners who visited Hatyai or Thailand  to be general. So if you happen to visit Thailand, take time to watch this Banana Roti peddler and learn how they magically cooked this sweet addicting treat.

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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  1. archiedelara says: Reply

    A very tasty treat – this banana roti is a must try when in Thailand.

  2. haven't been to Thailand but my niece (who lives there) is ranting about how good thai street food is!

  3. Now you got me craving for roti! However, although I love roti, I think I'm more interested to scout for the best-tasting pad thai in Thailand ^^

  4. Searching for that famous Pad Thai was our main goal for that day and ended up eating this sweet banana roti.

  5. Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com says: Reply

    It looks delicious! Is it available elsewhere? I've been to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, and Sangkhlaburi but I've never seen it there.

  6. I am inlove with roti. And banana roti is something new to me. I hope to find one here in Manila too.

  7. Filipino Bloggers WW says: Reply

    Aliw naman ako sa video, ang cute ng usapan, ala mahal and mura, lol. Banana roti looks mouthwatering. i will check some recipe and see if I can do it.

  8. Need to try that, taste so yummy. Funny video nga nman may ala ALVIN, SIMON and THEODORE ata sa video..LOL

  9. TheSoulExplorer says: Reply


  10. chemist2writer says: Reply

    I would love to try that! Looks so so so yummy! pero natawa ako sa chipmunks hahaha i fast forward lang pala ang vid para ma channel sila Alvin no? hahaha

  11. Joy Felizardo says: Reply

    Thailand, Thailand, when can we land on your mystical cities? Great post! I have bookmarked this post, and will make it as a guide when planning to go there, and crossing my fingers for luck!

  12. www.blissfulguro.com says: Reply

    it really looks yummy! ako naman pag thailand iced coffee ang bet ko talaga 🙂

  13. The ingredients are so common Ms Tess, you can try it at home . 🙂

  14. I never expect the voice will result something like the chipmunks hahaha. Fast forward ko lang pagluluto ni Kuya.

  15. Yeah, we accidentally discover fast fwd lang pala para maging chipmunks conversation naging resulta. It's indeed Super Yummy!

  16. It was super duper yummy talaga Carla! Ma try din nga yang Iced Coffee 🙂

  17. Thanks, Goodluck po and Enjoy Thailand!

  18. Im not sure kung meron sa Nothern or Central Thailand, baka sa Southern Thailand lang talaga meron nito. Huhunt ko to sa Bangkok for comparison.

  19. chemist2writer says: Reply


  20. soloflightEd says: Reply

    ayay kalami ba! hahahaha. gimingaw na nuon ko ug banana roti dah. haha

  21. Pila man kabuok kay amo ipadala dra sa Dubai 🙂

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