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16:11 1/09/2012 When I was  young and hear the word Thailand. Only three things comes to my mind,  Buddhist Temples, Elephants and Floating Market. I guess that’s what you’ll get acquainted when the only book you read is history. I should be thankful reading those boring paragraphs of Asian history book in sophomore high school. As I was able to appreciate how people live in their country. Part of that is the floating market which is way of life in a part of Thailand, where boats are the most accessible mode of transport. Never cross to our mind that we’ll gonna visit one of Thailand’s Floating Market sooner than we expected.

It got all started from a  travel inspirational photo of two women on a boat in an eye catching blue hue background. Reading from it’s caption, taken during dusk in Hatyai, a southern city near the borders of Malaysia and Thailand. That amazing photo was captured by no other than, the multi-awarded travel/food blogger Doc Gelo of docgelo.com. We met him on one occasion but that’s a different story (read it here). Blame it to that snapshot, we got  fixated over it and made us decided to book a train ticket all the way from KL to Hatyai, Thailand.

It was on the second day of our Hatyai-Songkhla Trip when we finally set foot on Khlong Hae Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห ). The narrow road leading to the floating market was packed with stalls offering same merchandise inside the market. 

Just as we cross the bridge, we saw a dozens of boats piled up. Some of them just started to set up and other just coming paddling towards the river bank. I guess we’re to early to jump in and enjoy food tripping.

Market Stalls

While waiting for the vendors settling up we roam around the stalls that resembles that we had just visited yesterday, the ASEAN Night Market.

Look who’s up trying her haggling skills in Thailand? She got a nice  tees for our nieces at discounted prices. Summer took advantage being the first customer of the stall. 

The pungent smell of dried fish lingers around the food stalls confuses our olfactory bulb, perceive it as same with our danggit in Cebu, Philippines. Sigh! We terribly miss that food.That very unique,  purple corn cobs was also a tease of our grumbling stomachs.

Khlong Hae Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห)

My idea of floating market was something like a normal wet market where you can buy fruits, vegetables, ingredients for cooking etc.  Can’t blame from what we learned in the books. But Hatyai’s Khlong Hae Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห) was kinda unique. It only cater’s local food and refreshment which is surprisingly awesome for foodies juts like us.

Refreshment vendors dominates the floating market. Their unique, recyclable and environment friendly drink containers are eye catching. Look at those anime figures clay containers. Aren’t they cute?

From Orange, Lychee, Lemonade, Buko juices and  Iced Tea are among the choices. We sip our lemonade in the cute Hello Kitty and Doraemon clay containers. It’s refreshingly awesome!

Of course a variety of vendors selling local Thai delicacy like Tom Yum, Grilled Foods, Otak-Otak, and  Grilled Sticky Rice in Bamboo to name a few. 

Every smiley Tom Yum Vendor

Ever wonder how we pay them, if they sitting on the boat and meter away from the bank? 

The Solution: Long stick with attached basket on the end.

Put the bill through the basket, they get the money then give you what you purchase. Thai ingenuity as it’s best.

We had stayed for at least than an hour stuffing our empty gut, while watching people parading at the river bank having their own taste of Thai delicacy from the floating vendors.

It was a fun stomach filling  experience and vie for a repeat this year.

Tip: It’s best to visit the Floating Market during dawn and night.

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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