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17:00 1/9/2012 Promenading at the banks of Khlong Hae Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห) was one of our exhilarating moment during our Hatyai trip last year. All we care was hunting some authentic Thai food and tick off one by one on our list. Tom Yum is on top of that, a delectable sour-spicy soup which is synonymous with Thailand.  We have been longing to taste the authentic treat from the time we savor this food, way back home. And our experience in Khlong Hae Floating Market  never failed our expectation. It give us much of a good introduction of what we can anticipate more of Thai delicacy. 

Flashing a  big smile to every one who pass by on the river bank was the routine of floating vendor in Khlong Hae Market  (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห)

Smile is indeed a powerful tool when attracting customers which magically lures them (including us) to her boat and made order her specialty,  Tom Yum (ต้มยำ).

While she was busy prepping our order, we took closer and inspect what are the key ingredient on this delectable food. Different type of noodles, cilantro leaves, crush chili peppers, octopus meat, cook  shrimp, fish balls, Tom Yum paste and base soup. 
She let us choose what type of noodle before she put the base soup, then the tom yum paste mixture.
Then she pass on the bowl to her partner, who puts a generous amount of toppings and made sure it was evenly distributed on the bowl. Khob-kun! ขอบคุณ (Thank You)
Then voila, our instant Authentic Tom Yum Noodle Soup, for 20 Baht. Time to  test on our taste buds.
The fresh cilantro leaves garnish made this sour spicy soup more appetizing. We could taste the natural sourness of tamarind from it’s paste and the mild spiciness of ground chili peppers. Whoa, every sip is taste of heaven not that fiery spicy. Enough to give you a kick and sweat on your forehead. After tasting the Authentic Tom Yum, our affection with the instant ones was completely gone.  We’re so glad that we tick off the top food on our list. It’s indeed a must try when visiting Thailand and can’t wait to go back this year. Sawadee!
Foodie Couple,
Sky and Summer
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