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 13:40 10/06/2012 It’s catchy red neon light  of word Nando’s gleaming from afar, was our first recollection of this famous South African restaurant chain in KL. Yeah, it looks attractive and inviting. But people queue here for ages, and pretty sure it’s not about that fancy lights. It must be something special on their menu, or services of this restaurant. And that’s what we wanna know and find out.  Our desire  to uncover of ‘what’s with this restaurant’ had grown even more. So we walk in and give a try.
Surprisingly, we secured a seat , opposite to what we observe every time we pass by to one of it’s branches. It’s a typical restaurant that frequently visited by family, friends or some one whose exercising  self-indulgence. 

A service attendant promptly come to our table and hand over the menu. Scanning the book and try finding that something or a secret which made this restaurant a crowd drawer. After five minutes of flipping the page, still we’re undecided which on the list to order. Then, I  found this phrase on their menu book ” In life, there are moments when it’s hard to make a choice. This is one of them.” 

Somehow it’s true, so we ask our service attendant for recommendations and happily introduce their best sellers. We took the half chicken with 2 sidelines, and choose the Mediterranean rice  and fries.


Peri-Peri design condiments holder


We’re reminded that order takes 10-15 minutes so while waiting we read the story from the menu book about Nando’s and Peri-Peri. It’s a Mozambiquan-Portuguese of origin which humbly started their first restaurant in South Africa. Peri-Peri is an African word  for African’s Bird’s eye chili which is one of it’s prime ingredients in marinading their chicken recipes. It’s good to know about its history and beginning.

More or less after 10 minutes, our Half Chicken Mild Spicy with Mediterranean rice bowl and fries was serve. It was put on a big platter and the chicken had almost occupy the entire space. The chicken was oven-grilled and brush with a medium spicy peri-peri sauce. The serving is obviously good for two people, but it’s subjective to one’s appetite.

The aroma of herb and spices  can be trace on it’s meat, the peri-peri sauce made the chicken more appetizing. It’s unique taste made us crave for more and  order an extra rice. By the way, the Mediterranean rice is also a winner, the infused spices attributed to it’s special taste. I guess this answers to our query why people would waste their time on queuing, indeed a must try.

Yet, if you’re not satisfied with mild spicy, Hot and Extra-Hot peri-peri sauce were also available on the table. Out of curiosity we these two, it’s overpowering the taste of chicken so we settle for the mild one. We’re so thankful that their sauce is made available on the supermarket, and we can just buy them anytime and convert that ordinary chicken to nandostic one.

So, if you’ll gonna ask if we’ll recommend this restaurant, Absolutely YES! Spicy food lovers will surely enjoy  Nando’s.  Bom proveito!

Address: Lot 4, Kompleks Pernas Sogo, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.
Foodie couple,
Sky and Summer


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