Penang Trip: An Overview

06:50 06/07/2013 After so many failed attempts to visit Penang from last year. Finally, we set foot on Melaka’s historical sister city, Georgetown, Penang. Big achievement for us.  This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t plan ahead of time. Like  filing one day leave in advance, reserving an accommodation and overbooking a bus ticket.  Yes, out of excitement. We book online, bus tickets with a day earlier of our departure. How we could miss the date? Yeah, travel jinx it is, and we learn it  a hard way. Anyhow this is not a story of our pre-departure adversity. It’s all about our 3D2N adventure in Pulau Pinang (Penang Island), state of Penang in Malaysia.

Early dawn on Saturday morning, where everyone was still lying on the bed, we bid adieu from our refuge. A dramatic farewell and kiss goodbye for almost three months of travel confinement. We couldn’t hide our excitement and zoom off reaching Pudu Sentral with 45 minutes extra time before our epic adventure to Penang.

After  5 hours of smooth bus ride we reach Penang around 12:30 Noon. First thing we could think upon arrival is food. Why not? Penang is laud as the food capital of Malaysia. And said this island is the birth place of famous Char Kuey Teow (CKT). We can’t help ourselves but devoured CKT at least three  times in different stalls. 

Penang Laksa is definitely a must try and highly commendable. We consumed at least 3 bowls of this, with matching Ais Kacang and Cendol for desserts. Sedap! I can’t stop drooling again when I got to see these pictures. Oh Penang! Sigh! 

Aside from  our gastronomic affair in this quaint city. We purposely visit George Town, Penang during  it’s festival. It’s a commemoration of George Town and Malacca for being listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a month long celebration acknowledging Georgetown for it’s unique architectural and cultural significance. The century old buildings, dilapidated fortress, and edifice that reminds how great this city in the past. We learned a lot just roaming this historical rich remarkable city of Georgetown.

The influence of different culture  and tradition was very obvious  looking to these grandiose temples all over Penang. Burmese and Thai Temples at Pulau Tikus and Kek Lok Si at Air Hitam are just few that’s worth to visit.

Our trip wouldn’t be that comfortable and convenient  if we didn’t book at Reggae Penang Love Lane Hostel. A backpackers haven and party hostel in one. We’ll write our personal review on this awesome hostel.

Meeting familiar people and total strangers is not much of a difference in Penang. As we could say Penangites are one of friendliest people in Malaysia. Thanks to  ya’ll folks who made our Penang trip a  memorable one. Special mention to Doc Gelo of ( the multi -awarded blogger (residing in Penang) and his son Gabby for accompanying us the entire day. Many thanks!

This is only a prologue of our blissful short adventure on this Island. Detail stories and drama’s will be unfold on the succeeding entries. So don’t miss to follow it.

City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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