Penang Trip: 5 Hour Journey to Pulau Pinang

06:50 06/07/2013 Our first 10 minutes in Pudu Sentral was like a scene of that in Amazing Race. Sprinting, asking for directions, while searching our bus counter. Prior to this trip we scored our seats by booking online. It’s faster and convenient in getting bus tickets across Malaysia and even to neighboring countries Singapore and Thailand. I highly recommend them as they have lots of payment options such auto debit, credit card and even paypal. I just hope we have this kind of one stop online bus ticketing in the Philippines. This would surely cut-off the time  queuing up in bus terminals.  Back to our marathon in Pudu Sentral, the touts were very helpful in pointing us the right bus counter. 


You might wonder why still need to visit the bus counter? The tickets we bought online must  be verified first by respective bus companies to validate it’s authenticity and person’s travelling. Still, it’s less hassle compare to last minute ticket purchase prior to departure. We present our printed copy from our online reservation and  no time  the staff  handed us the actual tickets. That was easy breezy! 

We hastily look for our assigned gate and jump in to Alisan coach. The yellow-purple bus that will take us to Pulau Pinang. After we settled, suddenly one member of a group raise an eyebrow and questioning why we’re taking their assigned seats. We showed our tickets and compare with them. We’re wondering how could that be possible, since we choose that seat when we book online. With driver’s intervention we got enlightened. Unknowingly we sneak in to the 7:00 AM instead of 7:30. Poof! what a shameful moment, we gave up our seat and apologize to them. When we about to leave the bus the inspector told us we can take the 7AM schedule,so it’s not an issue eh? Whoa, that was a relief after that 10 seconds of embarrassment.   A  wise move on their part and advantage on our end, so a win-win situation. 

We left Pudu Sentral around 7:20 AM,  ten minutes earlier of our EDT. The sun was just about to rise while KL is still half asleep. We catch some forty winks in between that  5 hours journey.

About the Bus

I don’t find anything to scream about this bus, other than it’s spacious, comfortable reclining seats and more leg room. Which we guess common for a coach in Malaysia. We opted for regular coach since we don’t want to splurge on luxurious 5 hours trip  if we gonna arrive on Penang on same time sans the extra comfort and amenities.

5 Hours Journey

Within 2-3 hours of bus travel, we only saw a vast field of Palm Oil plantations on both windows. It’s same scenery when you travel going south of peninsular Malaysia. The bus made an obligatory stop somewhere in Perak, for everyone’s comfort. While others visit the loo, we bought some refreshments, to alleviate our grumbling stomach. Along the route, an awe-inspiring view of limestone cliffs and lush greenery forest greeted us in Perak. That was unexpected, a total contrast of a booming city of Ipoh.  An hour  and several minutes passed . We haven’t notice that we’re already heading to Pulau Pinang (Penang Island) as we crossed the Penang Bridge, that links Mainland Penang.

An islet between Penang Mainland and Pulau Pinang grabs our attention and made us wondered. What is it for? Is that island inhabited? Is it a resort? Lot’s of query that remains unanswered. We shift our excitement upon gazing Georgetown from a distance. The picturesque view of Penang harbor that Doc Gelo usually photographed was truly stunning. We knew at that moment, we’ll keep visiting this lovely island.

Our 5 hours bus journey concluded at Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. Alas! we set foot to the beautiful island of Penang. Another adventure awaits us!

City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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  1. says: Reply

    ang cool ng bus ! can't wait for more kwento 🙂

  2. Yeah, yung return coach namin merong built in massage ang couch + TV.

  3. You really have a wonderful trip here. Travel light and be where you are!

  4. the journey to penang is almost the same as going to el nido, I also want to visit penang hopefully I get to do so this year.
    -Wanderer Juan

  5. Borris Mabulay says: Reply

    What surprises me is when you said that your online ticket must be verified still. It seems to depict the purpose of e-ticket.

  6. omg I so love the last pic! I want to travel to Penang too! ♥♥♥

  7. I was also able to ride their bus in Malaysia and it was really comfortable inside the bus.

  8. I am not used to seeing such spacious buses. Did I see it right? Is there only one row of seats for each side?

  9. It seems the bus are so comfy compare to ours. I think most of the time, you'll see the same scenery and before the drive ends, BOOM! A wonderful sight is waiting for you in your destination.

  10. Aldous Calubad says: Reply

    What a nice place. those 5 hours were certainly worth it. =)

  11. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    I'm more curious about the food. I have not been to Penang but I heard that Penang laksa soup is delicious. You gotta try it and post a review. 🙂

  12. I agree, the Philippine public transportation should be vastly improved. Anyway, the bus looks cool. 🙂

  13. Jhoveleen David says: Reply

    That's a cool bus. It reminds me when I had my first ride of such traspo in HongKong.

  14. No international travel experience yet, But reading posts about one's travel experience adds awareness on what to expect .

  15. the color of the chair is cute. maybe it will take a lot of time for us to adapt their way of having tickets.. haha. feeling hopeless to the own country. oh so negative me!

  16. The bus looks so comfy! I remember the buses we have in Australia. I love the photos too <3 I have a friend who went there a few months ago. I hope I can visit soon 🙂

  17. You bet. Soon here in our country, online bus ticketing will be implemented by big buses, especially those transportation which is used for tourism promotion.

  18. 5 hours? Haba pa ng time para matulog sa bus. Dami din pwede makita while travelling.

  19. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    I'm also wondering about that islet.. I think it's inhabited. LOL Sorry, yun talaga ang napansin ko 😀

  20. Some of our big bus company are already offering on-line bus reservation like Philtranco and Victory Liner but only for a limited destination and the payment option is not as varied as that with Malaysia. I hope too that this on-line booking will be possible to most destination in the Philippines by bus company to alleviate long hours of waiting at terminal tickets especially on a long weekend holidays.

  21. Our country has got a lot of catching up to do to make our transport system efficient and tourist friendly. Ours lag behind malaysia which is really tourist friendly.

  22. Yamito Uytingco Calamba says: Reply

    Oh wow! The bus looks huge on the photo. And I must say, its best that all bus terminals and companies here in PH could also cater to online ticket purchase someday. It will definitely make the tourist's travel experience better! 🙂

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