Temporary Abode: Reggae Penang Lovelane Hostel, Georgetown Penang Malaysia

15:00 06/07/2013 “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right. “Cantillating Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds while booking our accommodation through Agoda, fortnights prior our trip. We envisage of overflowing rhum, dreadlocks, rasta colors dominating everywhere while listening reggae music non stop. Hey, what the heck, aren’t we  going to Jamaica? Not at all,  we’re just overwhelm by our illusion that we’ll be staying on reggae themed hostel. An exaggerated imagination as a result  of months of travel confinement.

Uncle(cab driver)  hit the brake along Love Lane without a clue where the hostel was located. We gestured to stop and utter “Sini Sahaja” a malay translation of here only. Both minds agreed to search it on our own rather than uncle do the mind guessing. After some 20 meters of walking we halted facing the familiar picture we saw on Agoda. The Lion and word Reggae Penang from the facade, served well it’s purpose, for people to identify the place.

Reggae Penang Lovelane Hostel 
57 Love Lane  10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
The hostel is located at the heart of Georgetown, Penang and it’s within the enclave of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fort Cornwallis,  Georgetown City Hall, Kapitan Keling Mosque and other historical landmarks were just a short  walk. It’s also  nearby to convenience stores, street food hawkers and bus station. 


Out of excitement, we slammed  the glass door marked with hostel’s logo  which surprised the receptionist. She welcomed us with fainted smile and asked if we had a confirmed booking.  We nod and showed our print out together with our maroon passport. After verifying she hand over a thick logbook comparable to a size of an atlas. And motioned to write down some details and reminded an upfront deposit fee. We oblige and  give up a four crisp 10 Ringgit bill for a deposit in exchange for towels and 2 keys.
Check  in Time: 1:00 PM
Check out Time : 12:00NN
Reception and lounge area of Reggae Penang Lovelane Hostel


The receptionist guided us upstairs showing  the amenities and made sure we felt comfortable before she deserted us on the second floor.




An internet station for everybody’s use just beside the stairs. Opposite are personal lockers but one need to bring their own padlocks. 



Before you entered to the bunk, there’s a number code that needs to be keyed in on the glass door. This provided by the receptionist together with Wi-Fi access upon check-in. This made us felt more secure knowing only guest have the access in and out of the dorms.
All dorms had respective locks which ensure security and one’s privacy. The  2nd-floor lobby  serves as smoking zone and perfect spot to hang out without the other guest.


On the far end, are communal Bathroom and Shower rooms. They had the basic stuff, Hot and Cold Shower, Toilet and Sink. During our entire stay, the CR were always kept clean and no water interruptions. Two thumbs up.
Pool Table and Bar Area
Yes, they have a pool table for billiard and snooker players. And occasionally they host a tournament for guests.
Did we say that Reggae Penang Lovelane Hostel is also Restobar? Yeah, party animals love to stay in this abode. As the ground floor lit by blinding disco lights that visually turns into a party place. Too bad we’re unable to enjoy the happy hour offerings of discounted beers. Which runs from lunch until early evening. 
Alfresco Dining and Parking space
If beaming lights distract your appetite during dinner, alfresco  is a good option while gazing at KOMTAR, the tallest building on Penang Island. The vacant space adjacent to the hostel is intended for parking, available for guest.
Our Room
Ok, not exactly “our” room, we had shared it along with eight other guests. It has 4 lower and 4 upper bunk beds. 
The mini hallway of our room serves as the baggage spot for our other hostel guests.

Each bunk had this galactic gray curtains which Summer find it very stylish and functional. 



This is what an upper bed bunk looks like, nothing much difference from the lower bunk.
Each bunk has soft pillow, fleece blanket, overhead lampshade, single electric socket and mini cabinet/mirror.
The rate of this bunk bed? 25RM per night and comes with a free breakfast. It’s the cheapest accommodation you could ever find in Georgetown center without compromising convenience and comfort. I didn’t wonder, why backpackers and alike stayed for long in this hostel. 
Breakfast Area



Brewed Coffee and Toasted Bread with Butter and Cranberry Jam for our brekkie.


Breakfast table are just near to reception and bar area. The free breakfast comes with Hot Brewed Coffee or Tea, Toaster Bread and Spread of your choice. Not to forget fresh slice fruits and that morning they serve a sweet Water Melon. It’s only available between 7-10 AM, after that no more free. 
The Receptionist
We couldn’t be much comfortable and enjoy the stay on this hostel without the assistance of their friendly and dedicated staff, Seemi. Terima Kasih Banyak!
Staying on this hostel gives really value to our money. and we’re surely recommend it to our others.
If you need more information check their website
Official Site: Here

Book your stay here: Agoda

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this hostel.
Reggae Hostel Fan,
Sky and Summer

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    grabe! may free breakfast pa and nasa georgetown mismo! galing 🙂

  2. Shock nga kami, na libre daw brekkie.

  3. Wow looks good. We stayed in a guesthouse on Kimberley St. but would love to try this one. 25Rm with breakfast!!

  4. mukhang ok nga, tska di ko pa na-try mag-hostel. problem is malakas ako mag-snore?:(

  5. Fairly cheap right? We highly recommend them! 🙂

  6. This might be our last hostel accommodation. We shared same problem, my experience with it is too embarrasing 🙂

  7. yun lang :(..thanks for this i'm planning to do an SG-melaka-penang next year.

  8. Hey, if you have time to drop by in KL, We'll be glad to meet you! 🙂 See yeah next year!

  9. ayos na ayos ang hostel. looks like a chill place to hang out. very basic naman talaga yung dorm beds. but love the shots of your breakfast! 🙂

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