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Taking a cab or Teksi (local language) is one of the most convenient mode of transportation here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can find them regularly on taxi stands at the malls, bus terminals, airports and other transportation hubs. But there are certain occasions  that you badly need them like during a heavy rain or leaving your place in wee hours  
and they’re no where to be found. And you’re stuck and ask yourself where to get one?

That concerned had been answered by My Teksi. A Booking Taxi application on smart phone that’s locally available in Kuala Lumpur and within Selangor Area. A free application available for Android and Apple users.

image from myteksi.com

Since we’re taking cab regularly, we got curious about this booking taxi application advertise (photo below)  inside the teksi. One time we downloaded this app in Play Store. Registered some information and Malaysian mobile number. Then we receive a successful registration by email and SMS. We haven’t use the app  until our latest travel last weekend.

The Scenario 
We had an 9AM flight to catch up, and that means we had to be in the airport before 7AM. Leave the house by 5AM so we can take the 5:30AM bus in KL Sentral going to LCCT. To make it happen, we need to hailed a cab at least before 5:15AM. 

Launch the app and type in the right information from where and to (destination). Choose the regular taxi instead of the executive. We left some helpful notes, remarks to the driver so he can identify us immediately when he arrives from the pickup point.  The screen showed us number of taxis near to our place. Just pressing Book Now and got the Taxi Plate Number, Cab Driver’s Name and an option to call the Driver. 

It will even show the estimated distance, time and exact location of driver where he is heading. The driver called to check where do we want to be picked up. In less than 2 minutes, our Cab showed up in front of the residential condo. Boom, that was fast! We hop in and reach to our destination in 10 minutes (no traffic). We’re able to catch the 5:30 AM bus and thus save us from missing our 9AM flight to Saigon.

From this experience, we’ll surely use My Teksi app more often especially on our succeeding travel since it was book on early morning flight. The convenience it brings to the people is  truly unparalleled. 

For more more information about this app. Please visit their official website http://myteksi.com
For Downloads Click below

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation to My Teksi app.

My Teksi Fan,

Sky and Summer

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