Temporary Abode: Fragrance Hotel Pearl, Geylang Singapore

15:20 31/08/2013 Stream of sweat surge from our forehead  while navigating the road that leads us to Geylang.  A place to be considered as red light district of Singapore.  You might be wondering why we’re heading to this area? Aside from it’s familiar label it’s a part of Singapore where most cheap accommodations are located. It didn’t took us 10 minutes upon reaching  our temporary abode in Lion  City.

The glass pane window that forms like a puzzle from a distance and unlit neon sign of  Fragrance Hotel Pearl from the facade was recognizable enough not to missed it.  



We entered the portal, and proceed to the lobby. Where we waited to dissipate the heat from our body. It seems that we’re invisible from the space we occupied as no one bothers. Not until we walk towards the reception area. 
A lady receptionist suddenly appeared from nowhere with a straight face and promptly gave us with their quoted hotel rates. Without even asking if we have a reservation or say a simple greet.  We returned a smile, handed over our hotel voucher from Agoda and respond her with a confirmed booking. The way she talks and  uttering  the words, was no mistake a Filipino accent. We’d anticipated that she’ll speak to us in our native language and cheerfully exchange pleasantries after we handed our maroon passport. But we’re wrong, she even sounded more condescending the way she responds when we’re asking some information about the hotel. If we didn’t have an advance booking of this hotel, we could have ditched off and look for other accommodation. We felt dismayed and unwelcome in Fragrance Hotel Pearl.  


Sigh! We left the reception area and headed on the  Third floor. The lighting on this floor was direful and walking on the corridor feels like we’re in horror movie scene.


We just thought our horrible experience in reception had ended. Not until we opened the CR inside our assigned hotel room. A foul smelling urine smack into our face when we opened the supposedly Comfort Room. That was the unfriendliest welcome we ever experience in staying a temporary abode. Totally gross!



Not only it looks smells awful but it looks untidy and not cleaned as well. If you take a closer look on that brownish hole , it’s actually a burned toilet seat cover obviously from someone who puffs the cigar inside the CR and made it as an improvised ash tray.


The mucky yellowish stain from the floor and fallen hairs were totally dreadful. We’re wondering if they ever clean the comfort room when the guest checked out. Hey, Someone was not doing his job.


We just hope our bed will be spared but luck wasn’t really on our side. The Matress was rock  hard and the set of pillows and bed sheets had a  hint of Chlorine stench. 





The room had the standard amenities like Water Heater, Hair Blower, Dresser, Wardrobe,  Flat Screen TV with Cable. Most of it are bit old but still functional. 


At least this hotel knows how to make up with this morning kit freebies. And the consolation was the wide window overlooking the vibrant district of Geylang at night. 


You thought our misery had all ended from there.  Not yet, after a tiresome walking for the whole day, all we could hope was a good night sleep. Sad to say, we haven’t attained that during our overnight stay in this hotel. The noise coming from the next room was unbearable. A sporadic squeak sound and moans that were audibly clear even we clamped our ears. And that  non-stop sounds of drunkards laughing outside or maybe in the corridor. Just imagine what we went through the night staying in Fragrance Hotel Pearl. 
Whom we blame for this blunder?  Admittedly,  a faux pas on our side of not looking the online reviews particularly on TripAdvisor and Agoda before rushing to book. We could have spent wisely that SGD80 to somewhere else and we learned a lot from this snafu. We always defy the cliche”You get what you paid for” but this instance it’s true. 

Cons of this Hotel

– No Free internet
– Dirty Comfort Room
– Uncomfortable hard mattress
– Noisy environment during evening
– Not Friendly Staffs

Unhappy Guests,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Whenever I book a hotel I always look up reviews site like Tripadvisor and Agoda or blogs about the hotel so I can avoid those with bad reviews.

  2. I hope na mawala agad ang stress nyo dahil sa bad service nila. I think they should find a way to improve kasi marami ang travellers na kailangan ng maganda at malinis na matutuluyan.

  3. Sayang. You should have instead booked for the Fragrance Hotel at Joo Chiat road instead. Definitely mas ok compared to this one. Not to mention, its walking/biking distance from Katong Mall and East Coast Beach. Then when I was there, the receptionist was Pinay din and was so friendly. Try to check that one out when you go back to Singapore.

  4. We should have asked your opinion or Mafe perhaps. We'll take note of that and consider your suggestion in the future. Many thanks for introducing Thara to us in BKK.

  5. Yeah, they should improve their facilities and train their staff. Marami pa naman clang hotel

  6. Too much of excitement and too good to be true rates lead us to this nightmare. Anyhow we learned a lot from this and enjoy the succeeding tempo abode on next journeys.

  7. awww sad to hear that not so nice night in that hotel. it's really a must to read reviews before going or staying somewhere. what I always look for in a hotel is the comfort room, hence "comfort". must be all clean. Ohhh i hope you'll get relieved from that bad experience soon.

  8. Impetuous decision that we regret so much. We always thought as SG being first world country and forefront in hospitality and tourism would never thought this such things exist. A premature assumption on our part. Good thing Jurong Bird Park take away our bitterness on that day.

  9. Ugh! That was a really frustrating stay! I remember staying in a Fragrance Hotel at Pasir Panjang before. Thankfully, I didn't get that awful of an experience. My only gripe was the room was really tiny and the bathroom doesn't have a divider so the toilet seat gets wet when you shower. Other than that though, it was pretty okay.

    Anyway, although your stay at Fragrance Hotel Pearl was really bad, at least this experience taught you something. 🙂

  10. A lot says good thing about the other branch Hotels of Fragrance but this one was the exception. It really thought us something and we have paid this experience big time.

  11. If you are going to book a cheap hotel or guesthouse expect the worst. It's the same everywhere – Thailand, Malaysia and yes even the rich Singapore. When traveling we always go for cheap guesthouses and believe me your experience was no where near our worst experience. ^_^ In fact, relatively for us, your experience was quite nice. ^_^

  12. We always lower our expectations when we stay in guest houses. But Since Fragrance Hotel had its branding in SG, we haven't expect a worst from them.

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