Es Teler 77, Central Market Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


13:45 18/01/2014 Following a rigid healthy diet would eventually , makes you sick, bitter and deprived. And that’s how I felt yesterday, after curbing away from the conventional food that I used to eat. My taste bud is craving for Indonesian dish. I’d give in and decided to have my cheat day . But will keep holding that rule on my mind  “Not to binge on any kind of  rice meals”. So after running some weekend errand yesterday, I found myself rambling around Jalan Petaling (KL’s Chinatown) and ended up in Central Market where I found what I’m looking for.

The sign board hoisted on a tall building did a great job on getting my attention. It didn’t take a while and next thing I knew I was queuing at  77 Es Teler counter

77 Es Teler  dining area view from Kasturi Walk
While the person ahead of me took time to place an order, I shifted my attention on the big menu place on the wall. I got the hard time choosing what to order as they were’ll  visually appetizing. I picked Mie Ayam with Pangsit Goreng and Es Teler for my dessert which is the specialty of the house.

While waiting for my order, I observe the crowds on the dining area. Mostly I saw families, group of young adults and tourists whose looking hungry after shopping at nearby Central Market. 

In less than ten minutes, generous serving of Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle) with Pangsit Goreng (Fried Dumplings) and Lemon Ice Tea was placed on my table.


Mie Ayam is compose of flavored chicken bits, boiled noodles, pakchoy (Chinese cabbage), and garnish with dried onions. And additional toppings of Fried Dumplings which was included in the set for 10RM (135 Pesos) 

The noodle was done right, and it blends harmoniously with pakchoy, flavored chicken even I didn’t mix a sauce on it. Fried dumplings is crunchy and stand out on it’s own. 

Just as I finished my meal, Es Teler was serve on my table. I know Es Teler (Mixed Fruits) which I saw from menu wall but something is missing. Where are the fruits? All I could see on the serving glass are crushed ice and spilled evaporated milk. Before I asked the food attendant, I used my dessert ladle to scoop the bottom and there you go. The fruits showed up like discovered  hidden treasure.

Avocado, young coconut meat strip and sweet fresh ripe jack fruit. After mixing the fruits with crushed iced, It looks like a Halo-Halo minus the ube, pinipig, leche flan and ice cream.  I’d lowered my expectation on this treat as I had reservation on it’s simplicity. Blame it to my bias in  Cendol and Halo-Halo. But Es Teler proved my taste bud not to underestimate it. Every scoop of mixed fruits to my mouth was euphoria and had able to finish and leave nothing but the serving glass. No wonder why the restaurant name after this luscious dessert, It’s definitely a must try.

Ibu Murniati, founder of Es Teler 77
Just come to know this restaurant was a franchise from Jakarta, Indonesia and made way to Malaysian soil for it’s unique and notably delicious meal and dessert. Es Teler 77 is one of the  most successful restaurant and franchise business in Indonesia. Currently they have more than 200 branches across Indonesia, 3 in Malaysia, 1 each in Singapore and Australia. 
If you come to drop by at Central Market to buy souvenirs and stuff, Es Teler 77 is just located end of Kasturi Walk, Central Market  opposite to Putu Bambu vendor.


Address: Jalan Hang Kasturi, Lebuh Pudu 1 & 3 (Sebelah Central Maket Pasar Seni) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia




Opens : 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM Monday – Sunday
Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.




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  1. Believe it or not among all my travels the food that i enjoyed the most was in Malaysia it reminded me of home and the food was the ultimate comfort food

  2. The food is good for the price. I've noted this for my visit in Malaysia soon. 🙂

  3. I was already hungry before I read this post. And now I am hungrier. Gah! The mixed fruits is like their version of your halo-halo, but with real fruits? AVOCADO! OMG. I want that.

  4. I loved the food that you presented, maybe I can devised like this one.

  5. I never heard of Es Teler from my uncle's travels to Malaysia, but will tell him about this so he won't get stuck eating McDonald's hehe! 🙂

    Now you made me want to buy avocado in the supermarket and prepare a dessert with milk and sugar #crave :p

  6. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    We're coming to KL this July. I don't know if we'll pass by the Central Market. Prices of the food seem fine.

  7. Jonas Labagala says: Reply

    I would pay 10 RM just to eat that Mie Ayam! It's visually appealing and it looks so delicious! Yuuum! 😀

  8. A must try ES TELER, it looks like HALO-HALO here in the Philippines.

  9. I haven't tried any Indonesian food yet. The names sound weird but I'm sure they taste good.

  10. Amen! that's the same reason why I'm still here in Malaysia.

  11. Kulang na Halo-Halo version, but it taste really good!

  12. Ey Same Here! I was surprise that avocado is mixed with this dessert.

    By the way, there's a plenty of restaurant in KL, much tastier than McD.

  13. If you're buying souvenirs, and want to save, Central Market (Pasar Seni) would be your best bet.

  14. Indeed! and I might gonna return this weekend to serve my craving. lol

  15. Looks Same, but it taste heaven!

  16. You should try Shirgie, For sure there must be at least one Indonesian restaurant in Korea 🙂 You might wanna explore.

  17. this is an amazing idea!!! connecting tourists with locals but it is risky too. Because that person is a stranger but if its worth the risk its worth it I guess

  18. Geoff Ledesma says: Reply

    Nice! How do they "qualify" the locals who get to tour the tourists? 🙂

  19. Locals will sign up and they will be screened and filtered by withlocals. By that the crooks and scammers will be eliminated, so only legit ones can proceed.

  20. Its lesser risk, since withlocals will prequalify the local applicants they will be given a go signal. So only thw credible one will go through.

  21. What a cool thought! I wonder who qualifies to be a host, though.

  22. I think connecting with locals make the travel experience richer and we also get to learn new stuff.

  23. Wow! That's actually an interesting pitch since I like learning about different kinds of cultures and traditions other than my own. 🙂 Anyhow, I've only been able to try AirBnb (almost tried couchsurfing too). But I would definitely try WithLocals if ever I find myself traveling to those Asian destinations mentioned above.

  24. We tried to host in couchsurfing, and will try withlocals in Penang or maybe in our Bali trip.

  25. Certainly agree Franc! And best of it you gain a friend 🙂

  26. Host would submit their application then, withlocal ambassadors will check that person physically let's say for eat/ activities. This will ensure that Host is legit.

  27. KT Peralta-Nielsen says: Reply

    I have never tried this and I would definitely read up more about it. It sure is a good experience to be immersed with the locals and their culture.

  28. I really loved the idea. Meeting with locals equals to meeting with culture. Locals is the best way to learn about the country, history, everyday, culture. This reminds me of couch surfing but its for asia. If I am gonna travel in asia one day I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  29. This is such a nice idea. It's a great way to really know the culture of a place by simply being with the people in it. I hope I can travel more this year 🙂

  30. Withlocals gives you a unique travel experience that lets you delve into the culture of a place without breaking your budget. Indeed, the world is a smaller place with websites like these. I hope that more travellers will try these to facilitate culture appreciation amongst different races.

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