Songkhla Trip: Samila Beach and the Mermaid

11:51 01/09/2012  We’re going to a white sand beach and the Mermaid! Blurted by Mr. B, our wacky and friendly driver/ tour guide in Songkhla. Hey’re you kidding? was our mental response with a sheepish look to his serious face. He just flash a big smile then after singing  three happy birthday songs from Nag, Serpent statue we’d arrived at Samila Beach, dubbed to be the most famous beach in Songkhla province.


Father in tow with his kid reminding not to go farther at the shore.
After he parked the car, we ditch him under shades of tree and signal him to wait for us. Our itchy feet went on frenzy prompting to head on  the shore as quickly as possible. We heed to the call  of Poseidon and embrace the sea again. 

The sands of Samila beach sated our longing and probably you know how that great to be reconnected. Nothing beats the smell of brine riding the cool breeze. Sound of waves keep humping the shore produces froth which kids playing it to their delight. 

A nearby island enveloped with trees obstructed our sight while looking the horizon. Judging from a distance it’s most likely uninhabited. We’ve come to know from Mr.B it’s Ko Nu (Rat Island). Named after from a rat  associated with local folklore.


Not far from where we’re standing, a figure of upper half human half fish  sitting on the rocks surrounded by people. It’s the famous bronze mermaid of Songkhla, the asian counterpart of Ariel. But the story was far different from that of little mermaid.  The portion of the tale was that the mermaid was combing her hair and accidentally frightened by a fisherman. The mermaid left the golden comb and fisherman keep the comb hoping the mermaid will return but it never came back.  It was based from an old Thai story by Soonthorn Phu, one of the great poet during the time of King Rama II. (based from inscription on it’s statue)

The bronze statue is now the famous symbol of Songkhla province. Everyone would like to have a photo souvenir of this famous attraction. Taking pictures with the mermaid is  free but you have to wait for your turn.

People swarming the famous bronze mermaid statue.

We’d wait for a while until all of them deserted the mermaid and got our own photo session. Isn’t she lovely?

Don’t look on those puppies or else you have 7 years of bad luck in love life

The heat from mid noon sun was totally unbearable. We didn’t wait long till we abandoned the mermaid, said goodbyes. And had her enjoy herself soak with saline mist. 

This lovely mermaid is a must see when visiting Songkhla. Don’t forget to touch her hair. 

Beach Bum,

Sky and Summer

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