Travel Snaps: Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj, Hat Yai Songkhla Province Thailand

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The Standing Buddha of Hat Yai Municipal Park in Hat Yai Songkhla Province is the tallest and imposing statue in Southern Thailand. It stands at 19.9 meters made of brass that weighs 200 tons mounted on top of Korhong mountain.

This Buddha image depicts Phra Ham Yath (making peace). The left hand hanging down on the left side while the right hand is raise at the chest palm facing outwards. The thumb touches which denotes dharmachakra (the wheel of law), most important symbol of Buddhism.

The statue was intentionally built on top of the mountain which overlooks the city that bound to protect it.

Tip: the best way to capture the entirety of Standing Buddha is in front near to the stairs. This will give you an advantage view and less obstructions.

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