Songkhla Trip: When side trip turns wedding gate crashing

12:00 01/09/2012  You heard it right! If talking about misadventures this could be a hall famer on our list of travel blunders. Until this date, we can’t believe on becoming a uninvited guest of someones’s wedding during our road trip in a foreign land. It all started when Mr. B (driver/tourist guide) asking if we eat Moooh (with that convincing sound effects). He refers lembuh (beef meat) in which he know we would able to comprehend. We felt hesitant at first since we he’d a heavy breakfast at Khor Nang Dim Sum  on that same morning. But on the second thought we give in, knowing Mr.B, a self confessed foodie would surely bring us to a Thai food paradise. Our mouth was drooling in anticipation of delish thai food.

Our car pulled over somewhere along the highway en route north of Ko Yo, in Songkhla province of Thailand. It wasn’t the expected place that we ought to be. There was no fancy billboards and a sign it’s restaurant or something. We’re brought in a place some kinda of residential area,  which we thought, a secret hideout for foodies. 

The uninvited guests, aka Wedding Gate Crashers

We walk towards a vacant lot in residential compound and seated on monobloc round table covered with maroon cloth. Then we asked Mr. B if they have a menu so we can order. But he gestured none and just smiled. He assured us, everything was fine. Next thing we knew, he introduced us to the host (bride/groom relatives). It was never mention on our itinerary. What we agreed upon was to go for a side trip in a restaurant. Never cross to our mind  he’ll bring us to his friends wedding reception. We’re caught by surprise and there was no turning back. Instead we just go with the flow. It’s not every travel we’ll get into wedding gate crashing.

The Food

Not less than five minutes, a heap of beef cubes swimming on a greasy yellowish soup served on our table. Just looking at it we can tell it’s a variant of a curry dish, which we’re kinda accustomed. The pungent scent was overwhelming, right there we surrendered. Then took a mound of rice and then on and on.

Vegetables on thick coconut base soup

But our favorites is  on the photo below “deep fried dried fish” aka bulad. Simple dishes for a simple life. It  remind us of how a wedding was celebrated on a province in the Philippines. 

The host we’re so kind and treated us like VIP on the wedding. In which gain some attention to other guests. We chatted to the relatives and exchange some words in Bahasa. Since we’re already akin to them, next thing happened was surprising.

Someone offered us a “grass” out from no where. It was wrapped in a thin shiny sheet of paper.  Do we look like a happy go lucky hobo backpackers? So many questions ran to our  mind. We knew they’re just being a nice but that is least thing we expected. We’re looking each other and signaled them with a NO. It was our very first time seeing a weed at close up. We don’t want to get high on this prohibited grass and would rather be intoxicated smelling the brine smell of sea water. 

Astounded and would like to leave instantly at that point. We just pretend to be naive, but our heart was beating faster that anyone could hear. It almost lead to coronary infarction. Our paranoia kicks in, and thought of Locked Up abroad  which made it even worse. It was a terrible mixed up of emotions and want to leave sooner as we can. 

Wedding Reception

Though we’re unable to personally congratulate the newly wed couple. We just extend our greetings by showing our smile  of gratitude to the family and guests. Mr.B somehow interpreted our persistence to leave the area. Aptly we’re escorted by the friendly family members back to our car and clasped our hand and Khob Kun Krap for letting us gate crash onto the wedding. 

From this experience, we learnt the following:

“Don’t take a no for side trip, you might be ending up another wedding gate crash”
“Don’t just accept all the things which are free on the table, you might got a weed”
“Trust your companion, they will no do harm”

Wedding Gate Crashers,

Sky and Summer

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