Bangkok Trip: Crazy Tuk Tuk Ride

15:40 12/10/2013  We vividly recall of how Pierce Brosnan “James Bond” amazed to the skills of his crazy tuktuk driver of getting him to the destination without breaking his neck. A Visa commercial that made an impact to the infamous tuktuk driver of Bangkok and tourism of Thailand. We never imagined that we’re doing a similar feat sans the undesired and impossible route his driver went.

The 80 baht for temple hopping around Bangkok was a good deal unknowingly these touts masking a ploy. We hopped on tuktuk with uncertainty and uneasiness. Next thing we knew, we’re holding tight to the metal rods as if our life depends on it. We entrusted our dear lives to this insane tuktuk driver. Look at the video below of how our driver zoom more than 100KPH on the highway in Bangkok.

The video above was a only minute and doesn’t capture the entire 20 minutes of our insane tuktuk ride.

It was a terrifying ordeal for us who valued “Life”  than chasing misadventures. Others may say “a ride of a lifetime” But this case was different,  the driver over speed, beat the traffic light and race with cars. Attributes of a reckless and unconcerned daredevil. 

Our insane driver still manage to crack a smile despite of our discomfort. It’s no use to confront a fellow who can’t even speak English and much more we’re in his territory. We drop our angst and instead go with the flow and strengthen our belief. 

An experience that taught us our life isn’t that cheap as 80 baht.

City Wanderers,

Sky And Summer

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