Songkhla Trip: Tang Kuan Hill

13:05 01/09/2012 Five minutes away from Samila Beach, Mr.B brought us in a private residential area which he said the jump point off to a hill. He parked the car hundred meters away from the orange painted building. Repeatedly reminding us to be on guard as soon as we get out from the car. But why? Looking at our faces he knew exactly we’re bit of concerned. He didn’t wait to activate our panic button. right away pointing out that bunch of monkeys like a zombie hordes coming our way. He assumed we’re afraid of these sneaky creature. Our frequent visit to Batu Caves and encounter with the same species of monkeys in Malaysia made us more aware of their uncanny behavior and mischievous acts. So we give him that smile of assurance and ignore his warning.

Honestly we haven’t much any idea about Tang Kuan Hill. Aside from the fact it’s elevated and a promised of a good view of Songkhla City from the top. Having said that, we lowered our expectation to this place and just appreciate what ever comes along the way.

There are few people queuing from the counter upon our arrival. Before a pack of tourist swarm the booth. We suspend our idle moment, aptly went to the counter and paid 30 baht each for a round trip lift. The ticket is valid for one day which means we can go up and down unlimited. 

The inclined lift track looks fascinating and surely it took a lots of load work upon building this lift. We couldn’t imagine ourselves climbing from a steep stairs ascending on a hill, 105 M above sea level. Thanks to the man who invented the funicular.

View from the top

The ornamental shrubs shrouded that beautiful tiny island from our peripheral view. As we move on a different spot we sighted “Ko Nu” . The same island famed with local folklore  just across of Samila Beach. It looks ordinary when looking at ground sight but visually captivating from a far at the top.

The verdant hill and sprawling trees was a good contrast of urban development in Songkhla. The confluence of Songkhla lake and sea was of another to look out from the hill. 

We took a deep breath until we detected faint smell of brine brought by the wind. It was intoxicating, next thing we knew it releases some happy hormones. 

Light house and Phra Chedi Luang

Aside from  360 panoramic view of Songkhla at Tang Kuan Hill. A towering white washed light house was also erected. It contributes the safety of the sea vessels that passes the vicinity.

Another important structure stood on top of Tang Kuan Hill was the Phra Chedi Luang. The Royal Pagoda is not just an ordinary stupa built on a hill. This pagoda was commissioned by Rama IV as part of Royal Pagoda in Southern Thailand.

The white bell shape topped with gold pinnacle  was the largest chedi we ever saw in our life.  We’re stunned and just agreed with amazement.

We’re clueless of what these small bells when  locals brought it at the hill. Then, we saw the cage half filled with it and reason of collecting it. Once the cage is full, all the small bells will be re-cast and turn into a big bell.

The look of that grayish monk statue was bit eerie from a distance. But looking it up closer,  was total opposite. We felt subtle and good aura emanates within that we haven’t experience before. It gave us that calming effect which you can only attain after meditating.

Quotes on Daily lives

The quotes posted on a blue billboards at the hill’s entrance was moving. It may seem just like an ordinary quote but somehow it pierces one’s soul, just make it two 🙂

The last quote was our favorite. “Life is short, enjoy it”  Indeed! We now live by this mantra, and gladly embraced it since then.

Tang Kuan Hill exceeded our expectations and didn’t only took us a glimpse of Songkhla but the whole 360 by sea, hills, bay and lake. It really worth to visit in Songkhla,

City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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