Krabi Trip: Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Pai)

10:00 24/11/2013 Our first day in Krabi wasn’t that bad as Ao Nang Beach satiated our longing for saline. We can’t contain our excitement and anticipation on our 2nd day. We’d book a tour to the famous Koh Phi Phi  and nearby islands. Yehey!  If you’re an ardent reader on this blog. You’ll probably know why we’re so euphoric about this trip. Anyway, the great universe conspire again to make this travel happen with a help of a glitch minus the hitch.

We rise from bed, not on our usual wake up time. All our effects were ready since yesterday and have them all slid through to our newly bought water proof sling bag at Ao Nang flea market. The call time for pickup on our hotel for the said tour was 8am. But we don’t take any chances missing it and was completely ready by 7am. We still have ample time for breakfast and Family Mart just save the day.


A typical tour van arrived on time and fetch us in front of KL House. All on the same tour were gathered and dropped at Nopparat Thara beach. Guests on the same Island tour were tagged with respective colored stickers and each assigned with tour guides.
After some 30 minutes of doing roll call and briefing of what to expect on the tour. Our group headed to Nopparat Thara Pier which is walking distance on the same beach. There we saw all the speedboats on different sizes. From one motor powered to powerful triple motored boats. All of them lined up side by side which are obviously intended for respective island tours.
We found our assigned boat and somehow relieve knowing it’s a twin engine boat. We’re told by Nam the other night, that huge waves are expected due to rough weather from previous day. Since safety is our top priority we decided to take speedboat over longtail one for Koh Phi Phi Island tour. We heed her personal advice and believe it’s a wise decision.
All of us dipped our feet on the shallow water before climbing up on the speedboat. We just noticed all the guest were racially diverse. From Nords to central Europeans, Aussies, Africans, Chinese, Malaysians and us Filipinos. The group had shared a laugh with their challenged upon boarding the boat. 
Everyone find their own space and settled. Our guide Heem advised the group to refrain from standing and must hold the railings if the ride gets bumpy. I’m sure everyone got the message and just nod in agreement. The ride wasn’t that rough and everyone still have smile on their faces.
Our speedboat  dock at Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Pai)
After  30 minutes, we’d reach  our first stop on this Phi Phi Islands tour. Heem reminded everyone to be back on the boat by 10:40 which means we only have 40 minutes to spend on the beautiful Bamboo Island.
Koh Mai Pai 
Bamboo Island is located on the northern part of Phi Phi island group. An island dotted with tall trees  and fine white sand.   
The whole stretch of fine white sand encircles almost the entire island. It’s idyllic green landscapes give a contrast to its different hues of blue. We must say, it’s heaven for photography enthusiast and alike.
Since we’re  overwhelmed and can’t define our extreme happiness. We jumped and toss ourselves high enough till euphoria subsided. Our tour guide captured  a nice shot at the right moment. 
We took the opportunity to take a photo with the man behind that perfect shot. Meet our friendly local Thai tour guide Heem. He looks like a Filipino and resembles a person that we know.
Time wasn’t our side, so we explore the whole island on foot and go along with other guests.
Who have thought these tall trees witnessed the wrath of Tsunami way back 2004. The tsunami warning sign spread across this island are reminders of that fateful day.
Then we go back to our trail and sat on the log hundred meters away from our boat. We’re too paranoid of being left on this island. But see, no one had to go back  yet which means we still have time for a quick plunge.  
The turquoise waters of the bamboo island were too enticing not to give in. We took off our clothes and ran to the shore like happy teenagers. We’re reminded not to go farther.
We swim, dive, and dip like there was no tomorrow. But we keep gazing to our boat in case they called our attention.
Our yearning for salt water and dipping our feet to this piece of paradise was just an introduction of this Koh Phi Phi Island tour.
The next paradise will be  Maya Bay aka “The Beach”.
Beach Bummers,
Sky and Summer
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