AK Food Adventure – Wondermama X

After collecting our pink passport that enables us to dine for 20 restaurants at Avenue K Mall. We commenced our food trip at Wondermama X. A bohemian restaurant which just opened a few months back. Looking at blue neon light sign gleaming from afar, it’s way of welcoming everyone. It didn’t take us too long and find ourselves occupying the high rise tables. The dining area was designed to be so casual , accentuated with unique contemporary retro interiors. 

The suspended headlamps which give its diners a better lighting of their served food. Huge mirrors on both ends which create an illusion of bigger space and of course that encourages selfieholics and instagramers. #Selfie #WondermamaX 

One that surely catches everyone’s is their exquisite window panes design that concealed their kitchen. It creates a nostalgic feeling at same time fuses art and functionality. 

The waiter was warm and accommodating, handed us the menu and take our order in jovial manner. Not less than 15 minutes our food was served and all us Whoa! in unison.


Nasi Lemak 2.0S – RM 23.90

Our new friend Jessy have Nasi Lemak 2.0S. She said it’s Wondermama X best seller and had agreed on her after sampling it The fragrant rice accompanied with soft shell crab, ikan bilis, kangkung,  peanuts, hard boiled eggs and sambal petai udang which enhances this staple dish. Can never  go wrong trying this set.

All Breakfast Set – RM 23.90 

While our friend Riz settled for Breakfast all set. A combo of frankfurters, smoked salmon, scramble eggs, bacon, toasted garlic bread, macaroni with tomato sauce and fresh salad. It’s a bit heavy and for sure breakfast persons finds delight on this meal.

WM Mee Siam- RM14.90


We’d WM Nyonya Mee Siam which is another favorite here in Wondermama X. A bowl comprised of chunks of fried chicken, ikan bilis, noodles, sliced cucumber, green chilies and shredded eggswith cup of sourish/salty soup. The flavor was mixed of tangy, sweet, salty and spicy for a kick. 

WM Nyonya Laksa – RM14.90

WM Nyonya Laksa was real winner. The thick coconut curry based soup topped with big prawn, shredded scramble eggs, and fish cakes. We’d tried so many Laksa during our travel and this one leaves an impression to our taste buds. 

3 Layered Pandan – RM 8.50
Mango Smoothie – RM 9.50

The 3 layered Pandan was a perfect match after downing that heavy meal. Mango smoothie was a good choice for health buff, it’s light and all natural.
Our gut was filled with joy aside from the remarkable breakfast experience on this restaurant. If looking for local dish with a twist, we recommend  Nasi Lemak sets.

This is part of our AK Food Adventure blog series.

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