AK Food Adventure – Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

13:30 29/11/2014 After the caffeine and sugar fix at Espresso Lab. Our group headed straight to Level 3 of Avenue K. One of the members highly recommended of how good their steak on this new restaurant. Everyone’s stomach grumbles in anticipation of sampling the mouth watering Churrascaria steaks at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. A welcoming atmosphere instantly lured us to go inside the restaurant.

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is an all you can eat buffet restaurant that served grilled meats with an exciting lineup of dishes on its menu.

Salad Section




The salad station is an array of fresh leafy vegetable, salad staples, and condiments that can be mix and match to everyone’s delight. A true haven for vegetarians and on a strict diet.

There is a dedicated section for those who love anything about fries and fritters. Their potato wedges are delectable.

Another section was intended for pastries and cheese lovers. More than 5 kinds of cheese served and ready to be munch.

Vegetable Couscous
Sauteed Mushroom and Baby Potato 


Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio
Pinto Beans ( Feijao Carioquinha)

The photos above are just some of the notable dishes served on the buffet. Pinto beans or known as Feijao Carioquinha in Brazil is one of their staples. A good starter for a grilled buffet.


The Churrascaria

Churrascaria is Brazilian way of grilling meat. The meats are marinated then put on the skewers and cook in churrasco style. It’s cooked to perfection which created succulent meats.


The guy who makes rounds on the table that served the grilled meats are called Gauchos ( Brazilian cowboy). 

One of the friendliest and good looking Gauchos at Samba

We notice two buttons (the red and green) place on the table.  You put the green button near at your plate if you want to be served non-stop by the Gauchos. Otherwise red if you feel it’s too much to fill your plate with Grilled meats.

We never bothered put the buttons and the Gauchos are happily served us back and forth with different kinds of meats.

In Churrascaria fashion.

Lamb steak everyone?

The first meat that makes rounds on our table was a big slab of lamb steak. A thin slice portion of it landed on our plates. Just the smell of it, you could already judge how tasty it is. Our nose didn’t betray us, well balanced + flavor perfectly cooked equals heaven.


We thought lamb steak takes all the credit, end wrong assumption. Another set came in 3-5 minutes of interval. Fish, Prawns wrapped with Bacon, Roasted Quail, Chicken, Beef, and grilled Pineapple and more. More than 10 kinds of grilled meats served on our big plate.
Every meat has its distinct style and taste. Prawns, Fish, Lamb, Chicken leaves a good impression on our palate. 
Another round of meats was pending and the Gauchos were on standby, ready to filled our semi-empty plates. Leaving us no choice, we flipped the red button, temporary halting our gluttonous meat fest. 

Cocktail and Mocktail drinks


Gulping down some mocktails (Samba tropical)  and famous Brazilian cocktails like Caipirinha to wash down the grilled meats. It was a refreshing choice, well paired for Brazilian bbq.


The plates end up empty and totally satiate our meat cravings. Officially we are heavier by 2 lbs, hahaha.
 A typical lunch buffet like this cost about 69RM/person lunch and 99RM/ person during dinner. It’s all worth it and we highly recommended Samba Brazilian Steakhouse for meat lovers.

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