2014 A Roundup

Fascinating! We lived to that word indeed in 2014. Started the year with plans, hopes and  dreams. A year that catapulted us to a new level. We’d succumb on a big financial decision ever which ultimately affect our travels and lifestyle. Such compromise bid us goodbye to Bali, Langkawi, Seoul and Busan planned trips  with booked flight tickets. Ouch right? Another thing that siphoned our pockets was the big day. Yes, we renewed vows and got married on the church witnessed by family and friends. But all these monetary hurdles didn’t stop  our passion in travelling. Money can’t buy you happiness but travelling can. Where we’d been this year?


Do I say more? We ascend on top Bukit Hitam to spend Chinese New Year in one of the heavily visited temples in Penang, Guan Yin Temple. 

Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda and took a postcard worthy photo ticked off #15 of our 40ish list

We’d only just Bagan! A trip that made us shout, weep, worry, euphoric and all that bundles of emotion. Story will be unfolded on the up coming posts.

Another list was strikeout on our 40ish list, Meditating in Borobodur in Magelang Indonesia. It  was a surreal experience.

We capped our temple frenzy at Prambanan Temple, a Hindu temple in Jogjakarta Indonesia.

Raiding most of  the temples in Southeast Asia was a feat. Temple overload it is! by the way there’s still more on our list. 
Our detour in Phuket was very much needed for saline quick fix and parading our bulging bellies. Lol.

Before that honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand happened, a wedding comes in first right? We tied knot and exchange I do’s in Cagayan de Oro way back June. Normally we don’t share cheesy photos but one below was an exception.

Photo courtesy of Ravie Wong

Aside from the big day happened in June, February of this year marked of another milestone  for both of us. If you flied with CEB that love month, the duo was a cover for your guides (pages 47-48). Filipinos living overseas section of Cebu Pacific Smile magazine. 

A delightful experience looking at your own photos on a glossy magazine. We’d culminated the year with a food adventure event that made us gained more extra pounds. 

What a great year to end with this Churrascaria roasted lamb. 

We’re very grateful to all the people who’d been part of our journey not just this 2014 but throughout the years. Cheers to you Guys!  

Wishing all an Ecstatic 2015!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Love lots,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Congrats on your wedding and cheers to more travels this 2015!

  2. Thanks Claire! More and more travels for us this 2015!

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