Krabi Trip: Lading (Paradise) Island

11:04 25/11/2013 Our fragile long tail boat joined by similar vessels was heading up northWe lost track of time since departed from Daeng Island and felt the journey seems like forever. Our impatience grows and soon presumed  by our deadpan boatman. Without saying a word he knocks off the engine and left our boat stalled few hundred meters from the shore. Whatever his intention is, all finds it blissful. A tall limestone karst covered with verdure and a hidden beach was unraveled.

Welcome to Paradise Island! Are you kidding me? This is heaven on earth! The boatman smirked right after a guest blithely responded his introduction. We can’t contain our enthusiasm and almost jumped out from the boat even before we anchored.


Everyone was on adrenaline rush which left the boatman no choice. He keeps up the pace and leads the herd. Each one leaps from the boat and landed on knee deep water cushioned  by white course sand. 

Boatman was truth in his word, it’s indeed a paradise. A mini forest surrounded by towering limestone, crystal clear water, fine sand, tree shades plus a swing.  Its unparalleled scenic view is post card material. What can we ask for? 

Sun Bath!

We found a spot beneath the trees to settle and rolled out our Lagu beach towel. The fair lady resist of being the sun-kissed while all the sun worshipers converge at the shore. She was contemplating of how many whitening cream bottles will be wasted if she gives up.
Sky lay down his ever trusted beach sarong and waited to be sun baked. It took him a while before making it quits. He got the sun burnt on his back and pretends to be fine. What an actor! Then he ran like a madman towards the shore and tossed himself high in the air, embracing this paradise.

All of a sudden Summer joined in the fun after she realized that I can buy her more of Likas Papaya soap and whitening regiments. What a smart lady.


After taking a dozen shots on this paradise we took a plunge. Swimming on this beautiful beach was beyond our imagination. Swiftly we heard some splash and squeak from a kid. We turned 90 degrees and saw a little boy wearing some nice fishermen’s hat with an incessant smile. 



He was held by his father and probably teaching him how to swim. Later on, we exchange pleasantries and came to know they’re from Portugal. Sweet! Cute Menino never stops smiling at us. It might be his first time seeing Asians or we just look so funny? Are we?

Unlimited Snorkeling

Lading island was teeming of different fishes meant for snorkeling. You don’t need to go deeper as waist level is enough to see those cute little creatures.



We spend most of our time here snorkeling, chasing the fishes underneath the water and cam whoring. It felt like a long day despite we only stay there for an hour. 
Definitely, Lading deserves to be called a Paradise Island, or shall we say  “Heaven on Earth”
Note: Going to this island is usually part of Hong Island tour package.
Beach Bummers,
Sky and Summer
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