My Sari-Sari, Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia

15:00 11/04/2015 Looking for a restaurant that serves gastronomic Filipino dishes in KL was an arduous task being an OFW. There’re only a handful of choices and mostly they’re located at  Kota Raya in KL. Now, as the Filipino community is rapidly growing around Selangor area specifically in Petaling Jaya. One Filipino restaurant just recently opened that serves authentic Filipino dishes, My Sari-Sari


The restaurant is conveniently located at Millenium Square near to an elevator and escalator that surely no one could missed. 


The interiors are bit modern, classy, one could feel a sense of commune. It’s like a hangout place for Filipinos to dine and chit chat over Pinoy’s comfort food.The dining area sets a canteen mood  that everyone would feel a homey atmosphere.

My Sari-Sari concept of restaurant cum sari-sari store is bit unique and innovative. It caters pinoys food cravings and  necessities.

Food Menu

They serve the staple silog meals and offered a variety of Filipino menu that change on daily basis.


We tried their best seller Grilled Pork Liempo, Pinakbet and Chicken Adobo Sa Gata. The liempo was a winner, it meet our expectation, juicy and flavorful. The pinakbet is not  too salty and vegetables are cook perfectly which our preference.




Chicken Adobo sa Gata is dry, has balance of taste but didn’t win our heart compared to liempo.


All time  Filipino Summer favorite  desserts Halo-Halo and Mais Con Yelo are best sellers here. Halo-Halo gradually wins the heart of Malaysians. Why not? It’s semblance to Cendol make that transition easier for them to love it.

Mais Con Yelo a dessert made of shaved ice topped with sweet corn kernels, corn flakes, and  milk. Honestly, we underestimate its simplicity. But we’re wrong, now we understand why it became a hit here. The secret? Hmm nah that’s something for you to discover here.

Aside from the famous Filipino desserts, they also serve fresh fruit shakes for those who preferred a healthier option. We tried avocado and mango shakes which both smooth, creamy and not to sweet.
Yes, they incorporated a mixed store in here which make it like a one stop shop for pinoys. You no longer need asking a favor to friend to bring home goodies as they sell almost everything that pinoys need here in Malaysia.

Now, we’ll never bother someone to buy us a box of Goldilocks Polvoron or bring us a pack of Chicharon. Both can be bought here in My Sari-Sari. Yey!

You might be wondering who owns this Filipino restaurant.  Luckily we able to meet the people behind My Sari-Sari. Meet Ms. Crissy and Mr. Sam,  co-owns this new venture. 

It was such a great opportunity meeting these folks. Wish you all the best on this new venture and more to come.
You may find the restaurant from the address below. They also open for Catering and Delivery.
Address: G-55 Millenium Square,  Jalan 14/1 Seksyen 14 46100 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia
 Phone: 6018-246 4844




Fan Page: My Sari-Sari

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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  1. OMG i know the feeling of missing Liempo! Haha 😛 I also found a Filipino restaurant here recently, and wrote a not so nice review 😛 PS are you friends with Nick Revillosa? Im going there on December, would love to meet you both and Riz 😀

  2. Yes were friends of Nick and Riz. Hope to see you soon then. ^_^

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