24 Hours affair with Phuket

09:10 28/06/2014 After couple days of our church wedding last year. We felt something was missing after the big day. An obligatory task for a newly wed couple that remains unchecked. We’d been married for five years and no single moment we plan about our honeymoon. Since everything was official now in the eyes of everyone. Why not pursue of getting one? we thought. Then, a sudden burst of excitement unleashed. We ended up booking a flight to Phuket for 24 hours affair.


We left KL at dawn and reach KLIA2 three hours ahead of our scheduled departure. Two hours had passed, the sight of familiar cliffs and verdant hues hollered us up above. The weather wasn’t pleasant as we touched down at  Phuket International Airport . Gray clouds draped the sky and it started to drizzle. Phew, it was kind of deja vu from what we experienced in Krabi.  If we need to do a sun dance we’ll have to. We crossed our fingers including toes and just felt unfazed.

We stayed at arrival area for almost half an hour waiting in vain for our van that will bring us to Patong. The airport is approximately some 40 kilometers away from Patong, the happening place in Phuket. The winding road and scenic view going to Patong were enduring. It feels like traveling to nowhere of return. After almost an hour, the sight of sprawling urban landscape welcomed us.

Our Hotel

The convenient van dropped us near to our hotel, Amata Resort. All we had to do is dragged our overnight trolley and posed as honeymooners. The hotel resort staff walk towards and greeted us. We responded him with a perfected “Sawadee Kap”. He smiled in astonishment and lead us to the reception area. A welcome tropical drink was served, just in time to quench our thirst. 
We hinted the receptionist that we’re just newly wed and wish to have the nicest view they can provide. Luckily our request was granted and even allowed us to check in early. Our room was on the far end of the 6th floor which means we had access to two balconies. Awesome! We’re already starving and ordering food from hotel restaurant was a good idea.

A plateful of pad thai was delivered to our room. It was served with freshest of ingredients, and the smell alone made us drooled. In less than 10 minutes, we devoured this famous Thai noodle dish and leave nothing but grease on the plate. Cravings satisfied!

After we settled our stuff and get acquainted with the hotel. It’s time to head to Patong Beach! We knew it’s walking distance from the hotel so we skip hiring a tuk-tuk.


 Along the road

Just within the hotel compound, a line of shops mostly catering tourist needs.Travel tours, massage parlors, beauty saloon, money changers and mostly souvenir shops. We thought everything was there until we saw the plethora of shops on the main road. Just imagine Chatuchak on a small scale.

Everyone would agree that Thailand street food is one of the best in the world. Thai grilled chicken and Banana pancakes are among favorites. Yum!

Patong Beach

A short walk of 15 minutes was all we need to claim our Vitamin Sea from Patong Beach. It does look similar to Ao Nang beach in Krabi where people get their skin tanned, gulp some cheap beers, and exposed their beach bods.

We need to find space and shade or else we got burnt. We can’t escape commercialism and had no choice but pay for beach lounge chairs. In Ao Nang all we need was a beach towel. Convenience truly comes with a price. A cheapskate like us find it bit pricey and we’ll intend to stay long not to waste that 200 bucks.

Beach peddlers come from time to time selling snacks, exotic food, drinks and souvenir stuff. At some point it get’s annoying especially when a rowdy fellow comes or  the same person goes back to you, pitching again, try to push their luck. But we always keep our cool and just shook our head in disagreement.

Beach Activities

Lounging on the chair like a true vacationer and thinks nothing but the sand, sky, and beach. People watching is our favorite past time when bumming at the beach. It gives us inspiration and understands more about body language with no personal judgment. 

Aside from being idle, there are beach activities like Jetski ride or parasailing available at Patong. But we skipped them and preferred to unwind, talked about our previous journey with cold beers. 

The beach umbrellas are now tilted to avoid the harsh assault of afternoon sun. To take a plunge or not?

The afternoon heat was unbearable and can’t resist the calling of the sea. We ran to the shore like kids and embrace the waves like a long lost friend. It was an unforgettable reunion, the longing had subsided. 

The three hours we spend at Pato,ng Beach was enough saline fix. We head back to our resort hotel and enjoyed swimming in a colder water. Both our eyes got strained attempting open our eyes in the swimming pool. The salt level in the pool is relatively higher compared to the sea. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing dip in a saltwater swimming pool. 

Bangla Road

We changed clothes and took rest for a bit before we head to Soi Bangla.  We waited till dark before making a move to Patong. Some of the shops that were closed in the morning come alive in the evening. The evening was still young and the crowd just started to pick up in numbers. People are moving in every direction, and we call it as sweet chaos
Bangla road was closed for vehicle traffic. The colorful taxis was intentionally obstructed the main entrance to ensure nothing will get in. The neon lights are blinding, the music is deafening, all walks of life and the touts are bit pesky, welcome to Bangla road. A mixed of restaurants, restaurant and disco bars and entertainment clubs catering all the sexes filled the whole strip.They said it’s the happiest, loudest and best entertainment spot in Phuket. We entered the road cloak with innocence and leave there naked (not literally). 

Food Hunting

Our stomach grumbled and felt famished after the day’s activity.We searched for a Thai restaurant and landed on Number 6, that’s the name of the restaurant. We ordered our favorites Thai fried rice, Tom Yum and Pad Thai.  The food was of great quality, and the price was affordable and authentically Thai. Later we found out, this restaurant is highly recommended by tourist and locals. No wonder people queued on this small establishment. We did the right choice then.
Endless walking and roaming around Patong made our thighs exhausted which screamed for a massage. We went to a decent massage parlor and picked an older lady masseuse. The service was good and can’t count how many times we farted throughout the session. It’s a stinky compliment for a masseuse but that’s how a good massage be. We felt very light after releasing a huge amount of methane on our body. We sipped some hot green tea and left a nice tip to the masseuse before we head back to the hotel and called it a night.




We woke up full of vitality without a clue of fatigue. Since complimentary breakfast was included we headed to the lobby and joined the other guest. The restaurant had a wide selection of breakfast meals. From sausages, eggs, bacon, ham, baked beans, fruits, pastries, and toast. We loved their french toast and omelets, heavenly good.

Last few hours

We packed up our things and ready to check out. But we decided to get some fresh air in one of the balconies until an unfortunate event happened. Probably we’ll share that on a detailed post under Travel mishap. Don’t worry we left the hotel unscathed, thanks to the hotel staff. We pick up by the same van returning to the airport.
Our 24 hours affair with Phuket had ended with pair cups of dairy queen ice cream at HKT and few laughter. 
What’s your story in Phuket?
Beach Bum,
Sky and Summer 

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  1. Phuket is one of my bucketlist and I'm dying to visit this place! Murag bitin man kaayo ang one day sojourn ninyo uy! 🙂

  2. As in kuwang gyud, dinalian nga laag. Balik lang mi puhon.

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