Temporary Abode: Hotel Dafam Fortuna Malioboro Yogyakarta Indonesia

13:00 04/04/2014 Accommodation is on the top of the list that we can let go if we curb our travel budget. If you’re an avid follower in this blog, you know we’d slept in a mixed dorm room, on a dusty airport terminal floor and even the worst hotel you could imagine. Our sporadic travel made us realize that comfort is subjective to one’s preference in a given place and time. Some may find comfort in a stranger’s couch while others choose  boutique hotels. If you asked us, we stay in  budget hotels for most of the time. But we do have some exceptions, and the previous trip to Jogja is one of them.

The 54% discount from Agoda lured us to book a 3 starred Hotel in Yogyakarta. It was never a planned to stay in this hotel but the promotion was too irresistible. The discounted rate was almost the same to a budget hotel we’re eyeing prior to booking. But before we hit that book button we scouted for personal feedback and unfortunately found none. So we look at the reviews both in Agoda and TripAdvisor.  We find most are praises to this hotel. So we’re completely sold.

We scored RM 278.24 including taxes and booking charges for two nights on Deluxe Room ( Including Breakfast).


Hotel Dafam Fortuna Malioboro
Jalan Dagen 60, 
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The hotel is about 15 minutes walk from Yogyakarta (Tugu) Station.  It’s located at Jalan Dagen which intersects to the main thoroughfare Malioboro which is the happening place in Jogja. Around the vicinity are shops which are intended for tourist, travel and tours, budget inns and some local restaurants. 

Just outside the hotel, they have this local transport called becak (similar to rickshaws in Malaysia)  that can bring you anywhere in Jogja city proper. It’s nice to commute this local transport for short distances as the rates are mostly fixed but can be negotiated as well.

Check In


Check In    Time :  2:00 PM (Indonesia Time, +7 GMT)
Check Out Time : 11:00 AM (Indonesia Time, +7 GMT)

We arrived too early for the check in time but we took chances and approach the reception. A friendly guy welcomed us with a pleasant smile. We shared him our intention, with just tap  of a button, he returned a smile of big yes. With this first impression, we knew already we will have a good experience in this hotel.

He gave us two access cards and brief us the direction on how to reach the assigned room. 

Our Deluxe Room

The first thing we notice was the snow white sheets enveloped our queen size bed. We sniff it like a K-9 dog, just to make sure it doesn’t smell of bleach. We exclaimed Hallelujah, after we found out it’s neutral scented (we usually preferred). The bed was super soft which assured us that much comfort. For the record, this is the only hotel we stayed and lying on the bed for almost a day. 

The big window gives a perfect ambient light to the room that one no longer need to switch on the lights. While it’s retractable curtain ensures our privacy and no lights peep out early in the morning.

The room was themed with earth colors with different hues of brown. Interiors have minimalist touch following a modern design. It’s simplicity makes this room elegant without a hint of pomposity. This deluxe room is bit capacious compare to the same rooms on budget hotels we’d been to. 

Just like any hotel, the room has a basic table top necessities such as Bottled Mineral Water, Water heater, drinking mugs and sachets of coffee, creamer, and sugar.
A modern wardrobe section with a rack attached on the fixed wall accompanies with hangers to use. There is side table with a functional telephone just within a reach from the bed. A huge vanity mirror is placed beside the window.
A big flat screen TV fastened on the wall opposite to our bed. It has ready cable channels mixed with local. On idle mode, it shows different offerings and services of Hotel Dafam. 
The comfort room area maybe bit small but it has all the necessity we need like water bidet. Toiletries are readily available on the lavatory. Clean towels are conveniently placed on the rack above the toilet bowl section.
Though the alternating earth color tiles catch our attention but it was the overhead rain shower gets the nod. Simple turns from the knob we can easily control either warm or cold water. The shower mimics the rain fall with your control. This brings back some nice memories in our childhood days.
Hotel Amenities
The Lobby
The spacious lobby on the ground floor is one of our favorite hang out on this hotel. Mt. Fuji with cherry blossoms wall paper added some nice contrast on its modern interiors. 
A kind of chant music is also played on loop at the lobby which other may find it annoying. But it is soothing and can feel that Indonesian vibe.
Sky Lounge
On the hotel 6th Floor, a space with funky sofas is dedicated for those who like to relax, unwind and got disconnected. The candle light adds more to its serenity
Staying at Sky Lounge at dark will be rewarded with beautiful night landscape of Yogyakarta. The streets surrounded Malioboro is more  lively teeming of vibrant neon colors.
Sunken Bar
Near to the pool and Sky Lounge is the sunken bar. A place to chill while sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage. One of the best spot to sight seeing Malioboro from the top.
The moment we saw rooftop pool photos from Agoda, we’re completely sold and knew will stay on this hotel. The four feet deep swimming pool was absolutely captivating at night. The night swim was invigorating after a tiring jaunt of the day activities.
Hotel Breakfast
The wide choices of breakfast at Hotel Dafam surely wins the heart of morning person like us. We even sacrifice the sunrise tour at Borobodur in exchange of this sumptuous brekkie meal in this hotel. Yes, we did it.

I love their version of Bihon ( Mee Hon), crispy keropok and local fish dishes. They also served freshest fruits and vegetable for healthier options.



Every morning they have a different set of dishes such as western, local Indonesian dishes and the usual Coffee and toast.
A waroeng inspired stand which allows everyone to make their own soto, a famous local dish. We put everything that we like and have our own version of Soto. Yummy!
We also tried the food in their restaurant, the prices are very reasonable, authentic and absolutely delicious.

We owed a lot of our best experience on this hotel to JohnHis fluency in English made him better do his job communicating the foreigners. He’s well known being friendly, accommodating and responsible.  No wonder he  becomes the ambassador of this hotel. Pretty sure everyone who stay in this hotel had the same remarkable experience as we had with John.
Hotel Dafam Fortuna Malioboro wins our heart, and we highly recommend this place if you’re looking for value, comfort, and location in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this hotel
Hotel Dafam Fan,
Sky and Summer

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