Temporary Abode: Tune Hotels Waterfront Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

10:00 01/02/2015  The good numbers of a hotel to choose at Kuching made us over overwhelmed. Budget, guesthouse, to a luxurious brand are there. But we narrowed down our search to hotels which are close to downtown and waterfront. It seems Tune won us over again.  The experience was quite consistent as we’d felt the same  during our previous stay. We had our first in Hatyai, then to Solo, third was in Cebu and this branch in Waterfront Kuching will be our fourth.

Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching
Jalan Borneo, Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman 
93100 Kuching Sarawak
The hotel is adjacent to the famous Sarawak River, and within the downtown area. The vicinity is packed with famous hotel chains, shopping center and restaurants. It’s also near to waterfront,  jump point for Sarawak River cruise. 

At the hotel lobby, there is a travel booth which offers tours, short distance transfer, airport transfer. Tune Hotel guests can get 50% discount on Sarawak River cruise. We avail of this promotion and it’s worth it. Check our experience here.

Check In

The torrential shower that welcomed us at the airport had turn to drizzle upon our arrival on our temporary abode. It’s still early for check in and least we can do was to kill time while waiting for room availability and rain to subside. 

Check In    Time :  2:00 PM (Malaysia Time, +8 GMT)
Check Out Time : 11:00 AM (Malaysia Time, +8 GMT)

We camped at the receiving area which we own like as our extended  living room due to it’s homey atmosphere.

Our Double Room

We got a double bed which is enough for couples. Forget about the clutter, the sheet was perfectly laid before we came in. The same level of comfort like we had on previous Tune hotel stay. The only difference I guess was the lighting and the headboard. 

As usual flat screen LED TV with local cable channel, hinged wardrobe with hangers, and convertible multipurpose board the can served as iron board or breakfast table. 

We found the lavatory unique on this branch of Tune Hotel compare to the previous we stayed. Water has a good amount of pressure. One of the things we expect in a Tune brand is cleanliness. But this one missed out, probably you can see mildews  and dirt on the crevasse (photo below). Though it’s no biggie for us, still tidiness should be paramount.

We truly admire how Tune brand keeps their standard despite its a no frills hotel. We hope this gaffe is only for this room and not the entirety. Still, we recommend this hotel for value of money and it’s convenient location around Kuching.
If you need more information check their official website.

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This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this hotel
Tune Hotel Fan,
Sky and Summer 
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