Koh Lipe Trip: Walking Street and Lipe at Night

15:00 30/04/2015 “You won’t get lost in here, all roads lead to the walking street”  we heard from a Caucasian guy who chatted the newcomers on the island. Well, there is a truth with that phrase. As literally walking street is the epicenter and hodgepodge of Lipe island. The whole strip of Walking street coming from Pattaya beach going to Sunrise beach is crammed with souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, convenient stores, bars, massage parlor and spas, tour and diving shop. Everything you need there except for not so wholesome entertainment. 

We meandered at Walking street countless times. The place is swarmed with tourists and local dwellers during night time. So expect some foot traffic along the middle where seafood restaurants and bars are located. 

Not so crowded area of Walking Street
They serve the best Thai Grilled chicken here and their Sticky Mango rice is also to die for.
Waterproof bags, waterproof phone casing, beach balls, snorkeling and swimming gears are in here.
Meet the “Fat Lady” the famous landmark on the Walking Street”
If you plan to buy beach wears in here, think again. The prices are inflated due to the cost of transport from the main land to an island. But other than that, they’re all reasonable.

Yes, that is a tattoo house, a quite number of interested patrons lining up for an inking service. For sure it could be a little but pricey knowing it’s an tourist destination.

We totally relied on 7 Eleven during our initial stay. We bought beers, drinking water, cup noodles, bread on this store. But we ignore them the moment we  discover the staggering low prices of the local convenient stores. Example 1 Liter of water will cost you 50-70 baht in 7 Eleven where you can get that as  low as 30 Baht at other stores. Not to mention the beers. 🙂


We felt  at ease knowing a Medical clinic is in place at Walking Street. At least we know where we could run to in case of stomach trouble or spasms.

Aside from available ATM  at Walking Street, there is a Money Exchange counter as well. Don’t expect a good rate here, still it’s best to get the money exchange at the mainland. But at least there is one than none.

Yohoo! That is Madame Yohoo famous battle cry.  At some point you’ll hear this lady roaring, catching the attention of everyone who passed by. Believed us, we got charmed  and was able to buy her Thai pancake.

Banana Pan cake with Nutella spread on top. Just ok

We’re so glad to find a fruit stand on the side walk in the middle of Walking street. Aside from fresh fruits, their coconut ice cream is the best seller. Simply HEAVEN!  

Yummy Coconut Ice cream!


Walking Street entrance from Sunrise beach

Walking street is like a ghost town during the morning, as they said it’s a nocturnal place. But still, there are moments you can’t see at night time. Like monks getting their alms.

We had witnessed when the owner bent down offering alms to the monks and in exchange, they will say some chants or prayers.
Lipe at Night
The night scene at Koh Lipe is gleaming with colors coming from Cafe’s and restaurants blinding neon lights. Everywhere you see, your eyes will feast with glow and enthusiasm.
We had our best dining experience by the beach along the Pattaya shoreline. Three times  had our dinner at Tiger restaurant. We’ll share our gastronomic experience on this resto on a separate post.


This is the only Halal seafood restaurant we saw at Pattaya Beach.
Guess who’s in the sand art? that is  Davy Jones famous character of the Pirates of Carribean

A number of bars dotted the Pattaya shoreline, a nice place to chill and unwind. Chill Time and Reggae Bar our best bets. There is also some resto bar along the walking street with a performer who played good acoustic music. 

We lounge on the beanie bags sipping a rum cola and Mango Smoothie while listening to the waves breaking the shore.

Fire dancer catches some fire.
After dinner, we enjoyed watching a spectacular fire dance show just opposite to Tiger restaurant. Tough as it looks like, a fire dancer not only throws the balls of fire in the air but also sync his way on a techno beat. 
Walking street is Koh Lipe,  island life starts here.
Beach Bum,
Sky and Summer




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