Travel Mishap: Lock Up Abroad Phuket

Travelling is not all about experiencing glitzy hotels, loosening up to extreme adventures, taking unlimited selfies and cam whoring with your go pro. Every seasoned travelers will surely nod that travels are not all happy endings and kicking Voldemort’s ass. When you run out of luck mishaps, tribulation, and blunders will come to the picture. Worst could be locked up abroad. That’s what happened to us almost two years ago in the famous holiday destination on the planet, Phuket. Excited to know? On the next jump.

First and foremost we’re not held up by any police, immigration officials or any authorities in Thailand. You might think about our experience is same of that famous series of Nat Geo “Locked Up Abroad”. We’re not harm in any ways of this set back in Phuket. So don’t worry!
On our second day in Phuket, actually last day since we only visit it over the weekend. We decided to spend our remaining hours in the hotel room rather than meandering around Patong. As you get older you tend to be more sluggish, what a lame excuse right? We thought of capping this trip over a plateful of heavenly Pad Thai from Amata Resort paired with Chang beers. 
As soon as the hotel staff put down our order on the terrace table. We wolfed down a plate of Pad thai in no time, and ordered another extra. We got Gai Yang, the famous Thai Chicken BBQ and Som Tam on the side line. We’re both satisfied on the meal and somehow satiate our Thai food cravings. 
The terrace, where we got locked up
We’re kinda fussy when it comes to lingering food smells on the room. So we slide off the door and keep an inch of distance opened. We took a bit rest on the terrace enjoying the view of Patong while reminiscing our life’s hardships. All of a sudden a strong wind with howling sound blows off. An obvious sign of an impending rain. Little did we know, that amount of wind force was enough to close that gap and completely locked us out. Yes, you heard it right.
We’re both startled for what just happened. How it could be? To make things worst, the inside lock, snap do it’s job. So what to do now? We’re both locked up at the terrace on the 6th Floor of a Hotel in Phuket. 
We tried and used all the force we had to open that sliding door. But no avail. Time was ticking fast and only had 30 minutes before check out time. We’re now both fidgeting, trying our best to calm down and think of a possible solution. 
A lot of things came to our mind. We know that jumping off from sixth floor will land us to Bangkok post headline, so we scratch off the idea. We looked on the other terrace but non existent. We’d realized we’re the only one on our floor since we occupied the farthest corner.
We searched the web and lookup the phone number of the hotel’s reception at the same time waving the people on the opposite side calling out for help.   We repeat the same thing for the last 15 minutes. Calling was a bad idea, since we’re using mobile prepaid, didn’t activate roaming on a foreign country.
Hardly screamed on top of our lungs until someone heard our cry from below. A lady who passed by on the narrow street who wears the same uniform of our hotel staff caught the attention. At that time, we felt a sigh of relief and expecting that help will come soon. 
Not as fast as we anticipate, the main door was shut and so as the safety door lock. Double Whammy! They seek assistance from their maintenance team. Less than a minute, help came in and crushed the safety lock with a huge crowbar.
We’d been rescued and still awe for what just happened. We’re so thankful to the lady staff who helped through this short ordeal. We hug and thank her for the kindness and immediate help they extended. 
We learned a hard lesson of this mishap and these are:
1. Make sure to get your hotel’s reception contact number handy.
2. Don’t dare the ethereal being as they might lock you up.
3. Practice how to scream loud on a high pitch.
4. Remember KLM famous tag line “Keep Calm” and never lost hope
5. Despite the language barrier “waving a hand” is a universal language. Try it!

Locked up Couples,

Sky and Summer

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