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11:30 24/01/2016 We’d been to Melaka on numerous occasions. Each time we visit this heritage city, it never failed us to offer something new to satiate our palate. We ticked quite a number of the famous food must try’s here. From cendol, Satay Celup, Ikan Bakar, Baba Nyonya Laksa, Chicken Rice Balls, Durian puffs and the list goes on. We thought we’d tried the must ones until our local guide Melissa brought us to famous food joints that only local knew about. Excited to know where our local guide brought us to? Follow our Melaka Foodie trail here.

We reached Melaka early evening and checked in at The Explorer Hotel. We had a great experience staying on this hotel, review here.  Since it’s almost dinner, our guide Melissa made us tried the best North Indian- Pakistani restoran in Melaka. 

Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant
Jalan Laksmana 4 | Call Us 0126015876Melaka,

Photo from tripadvisor, credit to the owner
All the tables are occupied and had waited a bit before we got seated. The food must be really good here as people were patiently waiting to queue. It took a while before our food was served but we don’t mind since everyone was doing the same.

Photo from tripadvisor, credit to the owner
They are famous with their Tandoori Chicken and Cheese Naan. Our guide ordered these famous treats together with Chicken Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, and Spinach dipping. 


The naans are soft and easy to chew. The curry sets are bursting with intense flavor which makes our naans runs out fast. Tandoori Chicken is tender and can taste the strong flavor of spice. Yum!
Bibik House Cendol 
121, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka


Living here in Malaysia gave us an opportunity to sample different versions of Cendol. Some are good,  mediocre and some are not ok. But we never tried the best as what people claims to be after an experience in Bibik House Cendol.
We are lucky enough when our guide lead us to this secret shop that serves the best of all Cendol in Melaka. 
A fine shaved ice with fresh coconut milk was served. It conceals the kacang merah (red beans) and other toppings. Green Cendol was given separately and told to put last together with Gula Melaka. 
Bibik House Cendol is generous enough to put a jar of thick Gula Melaka Syrup on the table for everyone’s delight. We can’t help but add more of Gula as it intensifies the flavor of Cendol. One must eat on a haste as the shaved ice melts quickly. This makes their Cendol sets apart from the rest. Their gula melaka is king!

Haj Majeedia Beriani
213, Jalan Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka

Chicken Briyani


Our guide told us about a small shop along Ujong Pasir that serves the best Briyani in Melaka. Even before she asked, we already nod out of excitement. The restoran is opposite road from Angsana Hotel Melaka.
Indeed, their Briyani is something to shout about. The intense flavor is overwhelming and goes pretty well with their tendered fried chicken. Daging Kari is also good pair of this briyani. Quite filling to stomach, Burp!


L-R Riz, Summer, Melissa, Sky

Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Klebang 5 Melaka


Klebang had won the reputation of having the best Coconut Shake in Melaka. Our guide made sure we’ll try it before going back to KL. Just we entered the premises, we’re told the first queue was for take away alone. Whoa! People lining at least a hundred meters waiting just for Coconut shake. It must be really damn good, we thought.


Since we are dining, we went inside the compound and queued again. But not as long compared to take away line. They also sell kuihs (Malaysian snacks) which were a good match for Coconut shakes. The two plates above  just cost about 12RM. Quite affordable.


Our shake came in with coconut ice cream on top. It was refreshing, and undeniably good. Probably a young coconut meat was used for their shakes due to it’s soft meat and sweetness. It only costs about 3.50 RM, relatively cheap.
After this trip we can now say, we’d tried their locals best food spots. If you haven’t visit the shops above from your last Melaka trip then you missed a lot on the local’s foodie trail. Jom balik lah!
Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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