2016: Nen Matsu (年末)

Invigorating… Yeah! what a year it has been.  The itch for weekend escapade had diminished as we re-align our priorities and big decisions had been made which will set for new heights in future. But we didn’t finish this year empty. We reminisce, experience we missed, tick off some of the 40ish lists and finish the year with high hope for coming 2017.

 Where had we been this 2016?

Malacca Straits Mosque


We revisit Melaka for the nth time and experience what we missed in this historical town. Together with our BFF Riz (lamyerda.com) from an invite of a local guide.


We go the places in KL which are close to our hearts. Together with Sky’s sister we reminisce Batu caves, KL Sentral, Masjid Jamek,  Pasar Seni and Petronas Twin Towers like the first time.

The visit in Manila particularly Fort Santiago, Intramuros was unexpected. Honestly,  it was our first time to visit this historical place as we only see them in books or from TV. Guess it’s not yet too late.

Dipping in the clear sea water in Samal was totally essential to keep our sanity as we long for the beach and tropical heat.


New Life In Japan



Finally, we bid adieu to Malaysia. Living in KL for the last five years forms our great love for travel and living out from the mundane life.  Japan embraced with a big hug and definitely will set the new adventures here.



Tokyo Night Skyline


Yokohama Bay


Bamboo Forest in Kamakura


Ticking Off 3 of our 40ish list here in Japan

2. Meet Hachiko in Shibuya Station Japan


4. Relive our Childhood dream, and become kids again for a day at Disneyland.


26. Grasp a real snow in first day.

Meeting Old/New Friends


We meet new friends Edmar, Ada, Josh, Kevin, Brenna, Renz, Luke, Eddie,  and CDO gang. Reconnect with Riz, Glen,  the Bergers. Also saying farewell to our close friends in KL whom we consider as family Charm and Summer, Irish, Tony, Aldain and colleagues at BT.



The winter wonderland trip in Sapporo capped our 2016 travel. We see a real snow for the first time. We’re more excited for the coming spring. Definitely,  2017 will be big to us and expect of more travels.

Thank you for following our travel and wish every one of Amusing 2017!


Love Lots,


Sky and Summer



This blog post is our entry to PTB BLOG CARNIVAL 2016.

Read all our entries here  :  http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/2017/01/ptb-blog-carnival-2016



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8 Replies to “2016: Nen Matsu (年末)”

  1. Happy New Year Guys!!! 🙂 Omg, nakalimutan ko nag melaka pala tayo!!! hahaha. Enjoy your first new year in Japan! Have a blast!! I hope to see you guys next year! Cheers to more travels and adventures in 2017! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year Riz! We should plan our next trip together!

      Hopefully mas marami travels this 2017.

  2. I personally love Melaka and Japan is always a favorite of mine because it’s a memorable country for me. So many first times as a solo traveler. <3

    I joined the PTB Blog Carnival as well. 😀


    1. Melaka will be always our favorite place. First out of city visit for us when we still live in KL.

      Hope to meet you on the road as well someday.

  3. So good to connect with you guys, Japan has always been in our bucketlist. More travels to you two Happy 2017!

    1. Japan is everyone’s bucket list. You should visit here soon. Hope to bump with you guys as well on the road.

      Happy New Year and more travels for you both in 2017!

  4. Great photos!!! Do you know how much budget should we prepare for a week vacation to Japan including accommodation and airfares?

    1. Hi Gazle,


      Sorry for the late response.
      airfares – Roundtrip 15-25K Budget airlines 30-50K for full service
      Accommodation – P3000-15,000 a Night in Hotel
      At least P50,000 each person.

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