First Day of Snow

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines deprived us the season of winter and to see a snow. It’s not entirely surprising if Filipinos dream is to set foot at least once in their life to visit a cold country to experience it. Many would go to South Korea, Europe, US, and Japan.  It seems the Universe conspired again to make that dream into reality and brought us to Japan on a rarest early first day of Snow in Tokyo. Watch our first snow experience below.

Apart from this memorable experience, somehow it’s also historical. It has been 52 years since last First day of snow happened in November in Tokyo. We also visited Sapporo since we are unable to touch a mound of snow, make some snowman or throwing snowballs.

Finally, we ticked off one of our 40ish lists, 26. Grasp a real snow on its first day.


Sky and Summer

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