Putra Mosque (Pink Mosque), Putrajaya

11:38 18/03/2012 At Last! We found it! The words came through our mouth  the moment we saw the mesmerizing beauty of the Pink Mosque. We inadvertently mistook  the Palace of Justice as Pink Mosque during our Precinct Traipsing due to some similarities. But now we’re able to distinguish the mosque from a distance aside from its […]

Intelligent Garden City, Putrajaya: Traipsing the Precinct

10:02 18/3/2012 After we’d blown away from the initial cityscape preview of the Taj Mahal  alike building ( actually it’s Malaysia’s Prime Minister Office). We’re now ready to meander the city on foot ( Precinct 1 ad 2) to be exact. Even though the transportation is accessible around the precincts  but the impressive architecture of government […]