Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2012: People, Food, and Place

12:05 23/3/2012 F1 Grand Prix is a multicultural event where people coming together in one place to another. Aimed to cheerup their favorite  F1 team and compatriots. Or simply witness the fastest superb car maneuvered on the circuit track. Everywhere you look were people in all ages regardless of color, race, nationality or religion. It is also celebration of people from all over the world who loves this motor sport. We are very proud and thankful as we had all seen it from the last Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. 
Blokes, Lads, Mates, Couples, roam around the vicinity to look for nice spot to anchor during the practice session. While others were enjoying under the shade of trees and ignore the humid weather. 
Guys on the lower left  were sun bathing on a above 30 C weather. 
Another great sight was seeing these F1 fanatics carrying and waving the flag with their favorite F1 team or country which the driver/car represents. 

One that catches most of our attention was looking this very cute little Red Bull Fan. His name was Cedric joined by  his supporting dad and cheerful mom. 

Most of the folks sat down, relax and enjoyed their favorite car/driver while ignoring the deafening sound of F1 cars. 

As per policy,  Food and Drinks from outside were not allowed to bring them in the grand stand. Of course, there were food stalls inside, all boils down to business. As we expect the price were more than twice to its original tag. But people would not mind if one get starve or thirsty.

Mineral Water that took us a fortune. 5RM ( 70 Pesos) per 500ml

Since it’s already past twelve, our stomach growls and we search for the affordable food that we can get. We bet they have standardize the price since most of the meals or combo were on 25 RM and up. We grab  a medium box pizza plus 2 mineral water for 35RM. We knew it’s not enough for the 3 of us, so we keep gazing until Summer’s eye glued to the Pink Cup with Skewers.

People sat under shade while taking lunch.

Because of its sweet aroma, Summer had been allured and keep looking where that smell came from. Then, she eyed those old folks (upper right on the picture shown above) munching those BBQ foodie on a cup. Then we spot the stall that grills the aromatic Chicken Satay.

Chicken Satay is one of famous dish of Malaysian cuisine that varies in neighboring South East Asia. We never pass the opportunity to taste this heavenly food. It comes with 5 skewered satays with cucumber onion as side dish, glutinous rice, yummy sweet and spicy peanut sauce and drink of your choice for only 25 RM (we opted, the Soda). It is highly delectable treat and should not miss whenever you visit Malaysia.

Sepang International Circuit is usual venue for Malaysian F1 and MotoGP Grand Prix. 

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By just looking the structure along 1.3KM stretch of the Main Grand Stand, you’ll be definitely mesmerize how it was magically built on short period of 14 months. It serves as home of motor sports event in Malaysia and the hub for motor racing events in the region.

When we pass along the Welcome Center, The Mall area is located before the double frontage of Main Grand Stand (picture shown on the above, lower right). A place to buy souvenirs, collectibles, Food and refreshments. 

As we approach to the Main Grand Stand, we gaze on Sepang F1 Circuit logo thinking it was banner or something. As we had inspect closely it’s actually the bleachers  that form those words.

Pit Stop 

At the heart of the circuit track is the Pit building where F1 cars make their stops, for refueling, changing tires etc. 

Just located at the end of Pit Building is the Start/Finish line where hardcore F1 photographers usually reside to take snap of the champs at the start/end of the race.

Sepang International Front Main Stand

Watching on the Front of Main stand  is a spectacular view  as you can see all the cars just few meters away. You can also see the northern part of circuit track.

Sepang International Opposite Main Stand

While if you seat on the opposite main stand you’ll see the another view of the circuit track which is the southern part. It also provide another view of a long high speed stretch.

We able to view 360 deg of Main Stand, acquainted with F1 fanatics, meet cheerful spectators  and almost emptied our pockets due to the exorbitant food and drinks. But surely the entire experience in this event is priceless. We’ll be sharing our first encounter with all the F1 cars as we embark and stay on the Main stand for the Malaysian Grand Prix practice session. 

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  1. I'm already missing F1@Malaysia 🙁

  2. We missed it as well. Let's plan for the Singapore F1 GP in September ^_^

  3. Chicken Satay? Hmmm…I'm thinking how does it taste? Murag chicken bbq diri? But what's the significant difference then? Haha! Will try that someday ^_^

  4. Chicken Satay taste different from our Chicken BBQ. Satay has a strong aroma due to different spices (like chicken curry, marinated overnight) best serve with Peanut Sauce + Cucumber + Onions. While our Chicken BBQ can stand on its own with/without the sauce.

    Sad to say, Taste of Malaysia in Davao had already closed. That should have introduce you to Malaysian cuisine. The former have the best satay esp Beef and their chicken curry.

    Do highly recommend this dish whenever you visit, Indonesia, Singapore or here in Malaysia.

    Sky ^_^

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