Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur

16:30 7/4/2012 The cumulonimbus clouds had already formed, at any moment tear drops will be falling from the sky. But the rain will not deter us to conquer  the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur because we had it planned ahead and don’t want to messed up our itinerary for the day. We’d known it’s just across Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman opposite way of going to Dataran Merdeka. We follow that road that lead us to a narrower road Jalan Masjid India. The street was so busy and you will see people coming from all over the place. It was like in the middle of a concert event that you wouldn’t know where you going. Until we notice the familiar reddish structure with it’s distinct beautiful spire, Masjid India.

Getting Here: 
By LRT: Alight on Masjid Jamek Station. Just go to the right exit going to Jalan Melayu, this is the shortest way to Masjid India.

Notable Landmarks
Menara OCBC
Bazar along Jalan Melayu

You’ll never get lost when you’re heading to this place since a lot of locals and tourists frequently visiting the mosque.
Masjid India is recognized as the oldest Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. It was built around 1863 (source) and financed by Indian Muslim merchants and traders. It was repeatedly renovated  to increase space and  improve facilities to accommodate growing number of worshipers.

One of the  recognizable view of Masjid India is its Minaret. It is a unique architectural feature of Islamic mosques which is commonly a tall spire with conical crown on top. The structure serves as visual focal point and also used to call for a prayer.

Minaret of Masjid India

As expected we can’t come inside since it’s past 4PM. Same fate what happened when we visited Masjid Jamek . Yet, we still managed to snap some pictures around the mosque. 

Exterior of Masjid India
As our rule of thumb, if we can’t took photos inside the building, we’ll divert it to something else. This lead us to pose on the facade. We act like a tourist to veer the attention of prying eyes.

With his two thumbs up

Apple of the Eye

We’d come to realize why there were a lot of people flocking around Masjid India. All because of  the Flea Market or the Bazar. The Bazar extends from Jalan Melayu up to near the mosque.

The place resembles like what they have in Jalan Petaling. From clothing, bags, accessories, toys and even food. It is another paradise for wise and budget shoppers like Summer.

Local Malay Selling Clothes along Jalan Masjid India

Summer Notes:
Chinatown and Pasar Seni are two of the places we usually go for  budget shopping, however if you’re looking for an alternative for cheaper commodities then the Bazar in Masjid India is the best place to go.

Just an example: Tudung accessories 6 pcs for 10 ringgit instead of paying 20-30 RM in a regular store.  Tudung which is normally above 20-30RM with same design and style can be purchase for only 5-10 RM. You can choose variety of designs, colors and sizes with a wholesale price . You may find a lot of things to buy here so guys be ready,  pretty sure ladies will definitely get stuck here just what I did.

Hair Accessories

The shopping experience would not be complete if Summer can’t buy a souvenir or something that can add to her collections. Apparently she was unable to show her haggling prowess as the price was already cheap and we settle for the regular tag. 

Wear and match with  yellow feathered head dress.

She got two lavishly decorated feather hair clamps ( violet and black color)  for a price of 10RM, not bad right? 

After fulfilling her retail therapy we left the bazar and follow the trail to Jalan Melayu. The Bazar in Masjid India  will be now added to our regular weekend escapade aside from Chinatown and Pasar Seni. Soon, we’ll explore more of  this exciting and crowded place. Jom! Jalan-Jalan

Your City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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