Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2012: Up Close to Petronas F1 Car

11:55 23/3/2012 We left the main entrance and hurriedly went to the Petronas F1 Car display. Only few people were present and we use that stroke of luck to indulge ourselves scrutinizing  the anatomy of F1 Car.  Though  we had seen it last time when we went to KLCC Suria Meet the Drivers event.  But this is a better opportunity to get much closer look to this fast superb car. You can actually touch the car but only for a few seconds if you had guts as  it is heavily guarded by several security and Police officers.

As we go along towards the car, a sudden burst of desire emanates in our hand to pat it once.  Just to feel what it feels like to ride the fastest car on earth. But we keep distance and avoid a possible commotion  as we might caught the attention of security officers. 

We truly admire how sophisticated this superb car is. Every details on its parts has a role since it is design to be the fastest car in the world.

The Anatomy of F1 Car

A Front Suspension
B. Front Wing
C. Front Tires
D. Brake Cooling Intake
A. Rear Wing
B. Gear Box
A. Engine
B. Exhausts
Rear Tire
Barge Board and Winglet
Chassis with Mercedes-Benz Logo

The intense excitement abruptly subsided after we did a thorough cross examination of the F1 Car. It  was surreal moment for us  since we don’t normally see this car in everyday life. 

Me and Manju with Petronas F1 Car

As a bonus,  another sports car was also showcase for public viewing. The new Mercedes – Benz SLK 200 Blue efficiency AMG Roadster .  A very nice sports car from MB with a price tag of almost US $ 250K. 

This is only a preview of the first F1 Car we saw and got close. Getting near to it was already enough, much more see them running at full speed with deafening sound at the circuit. Well who doesn’t want to witness that? it’s an every F1 Fan dream. We’ll share all our first  hand experience on the next entry as we move to the main grand stand of Sepang International Circuit.

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