Our 40ish List

We’re not going with 30 things to do before 30 bandwagon since one of us will be short of time to fulfill that list. And that person might be pressured and possibly quit his job to obtain that goal. Right Sky? Hehehe. Instead, we come up with 40ish (fortywish) things to do, accomplish and  places to visit  which we think unachievable for an ordinary people like us who only travel one pay check at a time.

In no particular order…

1. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower of Paris

2. Meet Hachiko in Shibuya Station Japan. Meeting Hachiko

3. Snorkel in one of the pristine beach of Andaman SeaConfessions of  first time snorkeller

4. Relive our Childhood dream, and become kids again for a day at Disneyland.

5. Enthralled by the majestic beauty of Taj Mahal at Sunrise/Sunset.

6. Spelunking a random caves in Philippines

7. Cruise with Gondola, Lean with Pisa Tower, Learn to cook spaghetti with an Italian.

8. Close encounter with cuddly Koalas in Australia.

9. Ride and Bath an Elephant/s in Southeast Asia.

10. Lock our Love with Padlocks in N Seoul Tower, South Korea

11. Be featured in a travel show, magazine or a blog 🙂 – Twice the Fun! Boundfortwo on Cebu Pacifc Smile Magazine

12. Beach Bum to our famous beaches Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Siargao and Davao

13. Eat different variations of Pad Thai (Thailand), Nasi Lemak ( Malaysia), Chicken Rice(Singapore), Adobo (Philippines).

14. Speak a different language and converse it with locals.

15. Snap a Postcard like photo of Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.  Travel Snaps: Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon Myanmar

16. Meet and interview a famous travelblogger. A day with Eds of soloflighted.com

17. Meditate in Borobudur Temple, Indonesia. Meditating at Borobudur Temple

18. Sing a famous tongue twisting Thai song with a Thai audience.

19. Visit the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Point of a Country.

20. Jumpshot in every iconic Place we visit. 

21. Convince a Local  to become a tourist guide.

22. Travel and Ride a camel in Morocco.

23. Experience the 4 seasons in  Different Countries

24. Witness Aurora borealis in Norway.

25. Cheer our favorite Brazilian Football Team  with the homecrowd.

26. Grasp a real snow on the first day. First day of Snow

27. Climb the highest peak in the Philippines and SEA.

28. Follow the Sojourn of Pepe

29. Scuba dive and take a photo of Nemo (Clownfish) in Anemone.

30. Catch and chase Sakura falling from the trees.

31. Snap a photo with Llamas at Machu Picchu.

32. Gig and sing along with a Bossa Nova artist.

33. Spend a honeymoon in Santorini.

34. Run like a Baywatch lifeguard in Hawaii.

35. Watch a live Olympic games.

36. Bunjee Jumping in an unexpected place.

37. To see an actual Polar Bear and Penguins.

38. Demystify Moai of Easter Island, Stone Grand father of Jeju Island and Stone Henge in Wiltshire

39. Get wet by a mist of Niagara Falls.

40. Walk and stroll in Ipanema beach  while singing “Girl from Ipanema” in Portuguese.

At this point upon reading our 40ish list you may think we’re too ambitious and delusional. That’s human nature but we’ll live this dream and bound to make it a happen. As we’re firm believers of The Alchemist philosophy of “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  


Summer and Sky 

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  1. So here's that list! Never really made a bucket list of my own, cause there's wayyy too much stuff I wanna do in life 🙂 Good luck guys! Would love to see you tick off the items one by one.

  2. Yup! We hope we'll scratch them all before we reach forty. ^_^

  3. wow ! hope your 4o wish will come true!

  4. Thanks! yeah that means we need 14 genies to fulfill our 40 wishes ^_^

  5. bigla akong napaisip dahil hindi na rin uubra sa akin ang 30 before 30 dahil 1 1/2 years na lang yun.

    here's hoping na ma-fulfill lahat ng 40ish list and much more!:)

  6. Cheers sa mag 30! Thanks Carla 🙂 Sana matupad namin to lahat!

  7. 40ish list sounds more feasible to me too. good luck!!!

  8. Gawa kana rin para masaya. Thanks ^_^

  9. Just go, be delusional, be ambitious. The more you become that way, the bigger the driving force for you to continue your goals. Me too, recently I have published an entry already telling my travel goals on which until now I don't know how to do it (re: backpacking Luzon in motorbike and exploring 1500 towns and cities in Pinas, and it has really drove me big time to fulfill it 🙂

    Cheers and Good Luck 🙂

  10. Thanks for the inspiring words Ed. Naway makamit namin tong 40ish list at gayundin ang iyong sanglibo't limang daan na bayang galugarin. Good luck satin ^_^

  11. awesome list! go go go! i know you can do it… good luck to you both… cheers!!! 🙂

  12. Mervin!! thanks for the boost! ^_^

  13. great list, I've been wanting to write my bucket list as well. Sa sobrang dami di ko alam san mag-start.haha

  14. Before wla talaga kami balak gumawa nito. Just, spur of the moment we're talking of the places we want to go and then boom pinanganak si 40ish list. hehehe ^_^


  15. Wow! This is exciting. I'm sure you will hit most. I wish I could put mine into writing as well. Hahaha 🙂

  16. Hoping we will 🙂 start to have a list as well.

  17. nice list sky and summer! 😀 3 raman ako nabuhat sa inyo list. hehehe. hope you get to do all of them!

  18. Salamat Doi! 🙂 hoping to tick them all of. ^_^

  19. pretty exciting things on this list! hope you get to fulfill those in time. i got inspired with this 40ish thing so imma come up with my own. 🙂

  20. Gawa ka ri Kim, masaya kaya kahit mukhang imposible nasa list namin. hehehe.

    So far isa pa lng na tick off, hope makarami kami by next year!

    Thanks for dropping by ^_^

  21. Totally love your list. My favorite part? Spend a honeymoon in Santorini. That's just ROMANTIC! They all sound feasible. Good luck and enjoy! 🙂

    Do us a favor, kindly update us with a blog post for every item accomplished! 😉


  22. I was so inspired with this post that I decided to start my own bucket list. I just notice that most items in your list require traveling. Pretty interesting

  23. AS they said "libre naman mangarap".. Pero when you give a moment to visual these things, the universe will indeed help you attract these things. IN lieu of your post, I've actually written a list as well (places around the world) that I haven't published on Budget Biyahera just yet.. I might just post it when I feel like the time is right to share (LOL)! A 40-ish list is a great idea for you lovebirds.. I might just urge my beau about meeting up for our own list. 🙂 Keep exploring Summer & Sky! 🙂

  24. Mai we'll wait for that post, Baka magkasalubong pala tayo sa mga travel nasa list nyo (Hoping) 🙂

  25. We're glad that you're inspired to make your own list Shirgie. Kasi Travel talaga hilig namin, sama mo rin pala ang Food and Photography. XOXO

  26. Kristel ang Santorini Trip talaga isa sa mga pinaghahandaan namin, not this year but will be after our 2nd Vow 🙂

    If you want to keep updated, kindly like our FB Fanpage, or follow our twitter or GFC or Network Blog perhaps (not to sound demanding) We usually update blog from time to time 🙂

    Keep in touch! ^_^

  27. Good luck sa bucket list nyo til 40th. I haven't made one on my own.

  28. Thanks Franc! Time for you to make your own 🙂

  29. Whew! It's really is an ambitious list. In certain places, there should be certain time like the sunset… Wish you all the best then… 😀

  30. sounds feasible… and i wonder about that Thai song and to be sang with a Thai audience… 🙂 hehehe

    contemplating on my own list… twill definitely include holidaying in Europe…. 🙂

  31. The inner me wishes you the best of luck for this list. For sure, you can complete em out if the dedication and perseverance is there.

  32. Thanks for believing Ron, when that times, you'll one of first person to know. ^_^

  33. Ana Karen, We find the song and hope to perform it next time we visit Thailand. We'll post it on youtube. lol

  34. Sobrang ambitious nga talaga yung list namin. But anyway we have a decade to fulfill it. Yeah we do love sunrise and sunset, for sure hundreds of photos will be uploaded 🙂

    Maraming Salamat Myk!

  35. Mukhang masaya tong list na to ah! I am going to do that 40 wishlist also, pero sa Pinas lang hahaha. masyadong ambitious yan para skin:) gudlak to your journeys and travels! will keep on following ur blog

  36. Thanks Jeff, actually gagawa din kami ng bucketlist para sa Pinas naman. Hope to meet you on the road!

  37. Dami ng lugar na pupuntahan. Good luck.

  38. Mas marami pa, hindi pa kasali yung ibang pupuntahan namin sa Pinas.

    Thanks Raine!

  39. I haven't really made a list of what I really like to do or accomplished all I know is I wanted to travel wherever I want in a spur of the moment. I don't really find it ambitious and delusional, these list will be a motivation to keep you going. Good luck and who know we might meet in one of your destinations =)

  40. Could I hitch ride with your journey hehehe…although did not see in your list, Parthenon of Greece, Safari in Kenya and Mediterranean cruise, your list especially beholding the wonder of aurora borealis, including other Asian and European destinations are also part of my travel wish list as well… May the force of makating-swelas be with you both!

  41. When we create this list, we just thought of random things and places that we'll gonna do. Anyway pag ma accomplish namin to lahat then the things that you mention will follow 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by! ^_^

  42. You're right Ricky, every time we see this list, it's continuously inspired us! We'll be glad to meet you on the road, Tea Tarik on us 🙂

  43. Wishes are free, pero yung budget,,ah wish ko na rin sa Fairy Godmother ko. Don't forget to tag me along sa pag-visit mo sa Norway to see the
    Aurora borealis.

  44. Sure Po Papaleng, you'll be the first person to know once we witness Aurora borealis. ^_^

  45. Wow! That's a nifty wishlist you got. Im sure some or all of those would come true in God's time. ^_^

    As for me, I have yet to finalize my own wishlist and I hope I could post it soon.

  46. Thanks Mark! post mo na rin sayo para masaya ^_^

  47. I did a wishlist during my birthday and accomplished all of them. I guess it's about time to come up with more wishlist that is as inspiring as the things you listed on your list. Inggitero lang pero wow, it feels good whenever ma complete mo yung list mo. 🙂

  48. Hoping with fingers and toes crossing, na matupad namin to lahat! 🙂

  49. I love most of the things you posted in your wish list. Really interesting!

  50. Nessie Thank You! 🙂

  51. Well, the truth is… DREAMING is free of charge and making a wishlist is one step closer to achieving any of your goals in life. You have a long way to go so GOOD LUCK !!

  52. Tama po Marri, libre mangarap at wala pong tax :)Sana tuloy-tuloy nato. Thanks 🙂

  53. IT is free to DREAM so make it big na 🙂 Who knows it may happen one day! I also love that saying from The Alchemist!

  54. The whole universe will help us to make it happen. Thanks for believing Yani! ^_^

  55. Good luck on your list and I wish that all of them will come true. I can't wait to hear you blog about them 🙂

  56. Maraming Salamat Ms. Angie. ^_^

  57. I have a similar list in a website called 43 things. GOod luck and may all your dreams come true!

  58. Thanks for believing Ms. Maritel, we'll surely reach them one at a time. 🙂

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