Hub: Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re travelling by bus from Kuala Lumpur going south bound to Melaka, Johor or Singapore. Then you’ll be going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), the state of the art airport like bus  hub located at Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur.  
TBS is located 10 km away from the City Centre and  reachable by Bus, Taxi, Express Train and LRT.


TBS is also adjacent and integrated to Bandar Tasik Selatan interchange where ERL (KLIA Transit), KTM, Rapid KL LRT (Ampang Line) all connected. 


Going Here

From KL Sentral

Take ERL (KLIA Transit) – Alight Bandar Tasik Selatan. The fastest transport that will bring you to TBS. It will only take less than 10 minutes.
Fare: RM 4.50/way

Taxi – Estimated travel time 20 minutes
Fare: RM 18-25

KTM – Must Take Seremban Line, Alight Bandar Tasik Selatan. Estimated travel time 18 minutes
Fare: RM 1


LRT – KL Sentral – Masjid Jamek (Kelana Jaya Line)  then Interchange to Ampang Line (Sri Petaling) then alight Bandar Tasik Selatan. 
Fare: RM 3(Kl-Masjid Jamek-Bandar Tasik Selatan)

ERL (KLIA Transit), LRT and KTM BTS stations where adjacent to TBS, so you can just walk through covered Pathway leading to the terminal.

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan Main Lobby


Once you entered to their Main Lobby, you’ll gonna ask your self if you’re really on a bus terminal. Grandiose isn’t it? TBS is a state of the art Bus hub that mimics of that an airport. 

Escalator going to 4th Floor

TBS has retail shops, bakery, pharmacy, convenience stores, and restaurants. Most of the fast food chains are located in the 4th floor such as KFC, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway to name a few. 

Other facilities are:

Auto Teller Machines (ATM)
Baby Care Room
Facilities for the Disabled
Luggage Centre & Lockers
Rest & Go (Motel/Cyber/Luggage)

Ticket Booths (Counter 1-18)
Different Bus Operators for Southern Destinations. Just choose which suits your travel convenience and budget. 
South Bound Destination.
Johor Bahru (JB) – Larkin
Mersing (gateway to Tioman Island)
Johor – Batu Pahat

You can also book your ticket online through Easybook. We are an affiliate of this online booking site.

In case you purchase tickets online, there is dedicated booth to queue (counter 19-20). Once validated  and got your tickets you can check the departure and arrival buses on the  huge LED Bus Schedule Board.
Check your gate number before heading  to the departure lobby. Just show your ticket and flash a big smile with the inspector so they will let you in 🙂
The departure lobby is comparable to that of an airport. High ceiling, well lit and spacious departure lounge.
The comfy airport like chairs makes every traveller waiting at ease. With too much space, one can stretch the legs to avoid that swelling during long haul travel by bus.
And don’t forget to view the schedule of your bus departure flash on the overhead Flat Monitor
Most of the time the bus leaves on the dot, make sure you’re near the gate during the time of boarding. Have a Safe Trip!
For More information visit the Official TBS-BTS site.
Note: All the Fares quoted in this Trip such as ERL,KTM, LRT  and Taxis are based from the time this entry is created 29/10/2012. So it will change without prior notice.
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  1. Wow, this bus terminal are better looking than some of our airports here in the Philippines. =)

  2. The bus hub is like a 1st world country airport and far better than our NAIA terminal 1.

  3. ang galing ng kanilang trains. And ang linis ng kanilang train stations.

  4. Wow! If only our terminals were that clean and fancy looking, I doubt it will be much of a problem to encourage people to stop using their private vehicles and just use the public transport.

  5. Thanks for these very helpful tips! 🙂 If you didn't mention it I would have mistaken the bus terminal to a mall or airport terminal. Really impressive.

  6. Very informative post especially for those planning to travel to Malaysia..

  7. Gosh! Ang laki naman ng terminal na yan. Ang layo na talaga ng Malaysia sa atin in terms of infrastructures.

  8. Tess Chancellor says: Reply

    Ang ganda ng terminal, just like any other terminal in the rich country.

  9. True, the MY government were planning to make their major bus terminals like TBS.

  10. You got it Franc, I would even say that TBS was even far better than my beloved Davao Int'l Airport.

  11. We're able to ride them all, and so far the KLIA tansit and ekspress were the best and fastest ones.

  12. So True Adeline, Our gov't should put up first something like this and also our transportation needs to be integrated.

  13. You're welcome Pinoy Travel Freak. Same sentiments, if we pretend we didn't go to a bus station, we would have thought we arrive in their newest airport. 🙂

  14. Tama po kayo sir Donald, and Malaysia is now near to their goal as 1st world country by 2020. I hope our country had this long term goal. sigh..

  15. Ubod ng ganda po talaga Ms. Tess. Nung nakita ko to, nasabi ko tlaga wala panama kahit airports natin sa Pinas. I hope our gov't realize that our aging airports needed to be improved.

  16. WendellGlennDrWendsCagape says: Reply

    I had been to KL but not experience this one since I never had the chance to go to SG. ganda at linis nga nea and by the looks of it, you are right, parang airport sya. Planning on a trip from SG to KL though so this post will be handy 😉

  17. NOw, this is impressive for a bus hub. It actually looks like an airport, especially with all the monitors and signages. i'd probably mistake it for an airport! This is so awesome, state-of-the-art even. 🙂

  18. Ellen Bernardino says: Reply

    This is how our neighbor countries in Asia are spending their government budgets, fast, convenient and effective transportation system for their countrymen which I am not giving up my hope that could also happen here in the Philippines in the near future.

  19. Thanks for posting your experience in going to Malaysia. I've been planning to visit there someday and I'll save your post as a reference. keep posting on travel directions, its a good niche.

  20. Thanks for sharing this with us, one of my friend is planning to visit Malaysia this sem-break…need to share this with her for information/guide. Thanks again.

  21. Malaysia is one of the best tourists spot nowadays. I hope we could visit this place one of these days and I'll start saving to make it come true..:-)

  22. with this, it's gonna be a hassle free ride.. gonna be such a relief!

  23. Totoo Doc, hindi pa rin kami naka get over. Ang ganda talaga ng Bus Terminal nila. Pano pa kaya pag na open na ang bongang-bongang KLIA2 nila. Pag nakadaan ka ng KL let us know, we want to meet you Doc Wends 🙂

  24. Bus terminal pa lang nila to, and for sure the upcoming KLIA2 will change the course of airport history, yung ang sabi.

  25. We could just hope Ms Ellen 🙂

  26. Thanks JR, we'll post more. 🙂

  27. That would be great Ms. Pal Raine. You're most welcome 🙂

  28. Yes, Malaysia is actually on top of the list of tourist destination in SEA followed by Thailand, SG, Indonesia, Vietnam then Philippines.

  29. Exciting naman! Naku.. di pa ako nakakapunta ng Malaysia. Hopefully, magkita-kita tayo soon.. if naka-base pa kayo jan. 🙂 🙂

  30. You're right Raizamae, very convenient and hassle free for public commuters.

  31. Yeah, don't miss Malaysia on your bucket list, it's truly Asia. 🙂 Feeling ko dito pa kami till next year. ^_^

  32. I hope we could have that kind of terminal in pinas. We have something like this North and South Metro Manila will just be 10 minutes away.
    Malaysia is truly asia.

  33. So far we don't have any bus terminal as close as this. But give 10-15 years from now, we'll be having our own 🙂

  34. Good thing taking pictures of the hub isn't that strict. Or you did the "ninja-mode"? ^_^

  35. Justin Queyquep says: Reply

    I wanna visit West Malaysia so bad. Seems like it's a very friendly nation for tourists and travelers

  36. I live in KL but I have never been to TBS, not even once!!!…*blush*

  37. nice fried rice and noodles,good taste,reasonable price,tryit………………………NURDEENS

  38. hellooooo sky & summer! I'm already considering spending my birthday in KUL, and thinking about doing a side trip to Melaka. sana ma-meet namin kayo, should we push through. *crossing fingers* hope all is well with the two of you! Safe travels always. 🙂

  39. Nice to hear that Mai! We will be looking forward to meet you and your beau. Excited!

  40. It's time to visit TBS then!

  41. Pwede sin po dun na lang mismo as long as hindi Holiday ng Malaysia during travel. Kasi nagkakaubusan yan.

  42. Hi Kuya, ill be heading to this terminal 2 weeks from now. Pwede bang doon nalng ako bumili ng ticket instead online booking? hirap mag pa book galing pinas. 🙁

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