Panettone Art of Bread, KL Sentral Malaysia

07:30 29/9/2012 Each time we passed KL Sentral during the morning rush we noticed why people queued in this little cafe. And being foodie it made us curious what made this place a crowd drawer. Maybe  it’s cozy ambiance or good food, we thought. But when we got a chance and discover, it’s seems more than that. 

On the morning of our anticipated Genting trip, we visit the cafe and quite surprised it wasn’t that jam packed. Just looking from the facade, we’re like being towed to go inside as the cafe had this inviting atmosphere.

The interior was aesthetically design with a minimalist touch. The green colour theme complemented with white renders a happy and fresh mood setting. All the tables were well arrange like soldiers in a platoon. And the individual’s menu book and utensils were properly place. 

The Panettone logo on the middle accentuates every customer while relaying it’s tagline “get filled and feel with us”. After making our eyes wander and examining what’s inside. We took the seat, one with cushion couch and browse the menu book. It took us more than 10 minutes before we  decide what to order. We’re really confused as there’s wide array of choices from local Malay, Italian , and International Breakfast sets. All the prices we’re fair and affordable enough that make’s people come back here for breakfast or take away.

Not only the breakfast set was this cafe is famous for. As their name implies, it serves the best selection of pastry such Danish bread, Croissant, tarts, muffins and moist cakes.

The blueberry cheesecake and Chocolate Moist were to die for, as recommended by Summer 🙂 

After 5 minutes we got our order, American breakfast set for less than 6RM. The set includes  two chicken hotdogs, one fried egg, two soft boiled eggs, baked beans, ham, and two toasted bread. American Breakfast is one of the specialties of the house.

 It also comes with free tea or brewed coffee. Without second thought we choose the latter. The breakfast serving was generous and surely has a good value of our money. Aside from its affordability and cushy setting, the friendly and accommodating staffs we’re also the reason why people flock to this little cafe for their breakfast and lunch.

The food was great and their tagline indeed speaks for it self, we’re filled and feel with good food. Much more to say, we frequently visit Panettone every other morning and ordered the same set, can’t get enough. lol

If ever you dropped by in KL Sentral for breakfast or lunch and want to break that monotony of retail fast food junk, try Panettone Art of Bread for a change.

Address: Unit 7B, Level 1, Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur, 50470 KL Malaysia

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat (7:30AM-9:00PM)
sun and Public Holiday (10:00AM – 9:00PM)

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this tiny cafe.

Foodie Couple,

Summer and Sky
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