2012: A year that started it all

We’ll all blame it to 2012, a year that started it all. A year that unleashes our alter ego, stripped our inhibitions and made us embrace the word TRAVEL. The year of the water dragon seems to collide with our stars and there is no turning back.

It came to realize when we look up into the sky on the 1st of January of 2012  when KL’s skyline was lit by a constant barrage of fireworks. We said to ourselves that  we’ll make something extraordinary and do crazy things that we haven’t done. Well, the booze helps a lot to procreate those boldest dreams and we haven’t expected a mother fairy intervene and sprinkle all the pixie dust and get the  balls rolling for us in 2012.

These are highlights that made our 2012 a fantastic year, that all it’s started.

Travel Blog is Up!

Yey! our blogspot blog was successfully up  last January.  It’s more of personal diary of our whereabouts which turned into more on a travel blog, then we purchase our own domain in May and the rest is history.

Festivals, Celebrations and Events

Witnessing the  Thaipusam festival of Hindu-Malaysian last February made us more appreciate about Indian Culture and understand their devotion to Lord Murugan. It might be not appealing to as many but it’s definitely an experience of a lifetime. 

Thaipusam Festival Day 1

Thaipusam Festival Day 2

Living in Malaysia as nation diverse culture, we had experience the celebration of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali.

We  heard the roaring sound  and saw the fast cars at the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. Summer had even greet the Mercedes Team Drivers Nico Rosberg and the legend Michael Schumacher during an event in KLCC (link here

Malaysia F1 Series Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Aside from the spectacular motor event, we also partake the annual Earth Hour event at KLCC way back in March. 

And since we’re more into nature, we had numerous eco trips in Malaysia. Mostly we spend it to Botanical Gardens and Forest Reserves.

Nature Trip Series: KL Orchid Garden | KL Taman Bunga Raya | Taman Botani Putrajaya | Taman Putra Perdana | Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve


These are the places that made our eyes marvel and our feet explore 

Putrajaya – the intelligent garden city and a Federal Territory of Malaysia. 

Post here

Melaka (Malacca) – the heritage port City of Malaysian Peninsula. The old laid back town  that we fell in love.

Melaka Trip Series: Overview | Road Trip | Historical Sites and Museums | St. Paul Hill and Church | A Famosa | Sultanate Palace | Bukit Cina and Poh San Teng | L’Armada Guesthouse | Flor de la Mar | Vibrant Night of Melaka | Jonker Walk | Foodie Trail | Melaka Zoo |

Hatyai – Gateway to southern Thailand, where we saw gargantuan reclining and standing Buddhas.

Hatyai Trip Series: Overview | 15 Hours Journey | Land Border Crossing First Timers | Tune Hotels Hatyai | Municipal Park

Songkhla – the coastal city of Southern Thailand that faces the South China Sea.

Aside from the usual tourist spots and landmarks, we also visit the various house of worship to the places we visited.


Christ Church Melaka| St. John Cathedral | St. Francis Church Melaka | St. Anthony Church |


Masjid India | Putra Mosque | Kampung Kling Mosque | Masjid Jamek | Iron Mosque


Sri Mahariamman Temple | Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj | Kuan Ti Temple


For the pounds, that added to our weight from bingeing during our food trip in Melaka and Hatyai




We had met random people and strangers that became our friends  from the events and travel.

Moore Family and Rosemary both from the UK | Gwang and Mommy D from Thailand | Abang from Melaka Malaysia

Of course, the travel bloggers that we met from the casual and spontaneous meetup. Thank you guys for the time, stories and laughter we shared. 

L-R Doc Gelo (docgelo.com) Riz (lamyerda.com) Arvin (Random Escapes) Edcel (soloflighted.com) Dennis (Love Mindanao) Glen (Escape Manila

We’re very blessed and thankful for the awesome 2012 and hope to a more dynamic 2013.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Love lots,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com says: Reply

    Seems like a really full year of travels for you two. Too bad I'm not included in the list of travel bloggers you met in 2012 hehe Hopefully next year! Happy 2013 to all of us!

  2. Glad to have met you guys during my backpacking trip. Congrats on the year-ender post! Thaipusam festival seems very interesting. I know more travels are in store for you next year! I'm also glad that you've embraced travel blogging. I wish you guys the best! Hope to see you on the road again. 🙂

  3. What a colorful year of travel! 🙂 I was pained with that photo of the woman in Thaipusam festival (if her face being "barbecued" is real hehe). But it looks like an interesting festival. 🙂 Cheers to another year of adventures!

  4. Wishing you more wonderful travels in 2013. It seems like you both are bound to do and discover new things. A year of many changes, I can only guess. I will keep an eye on your every post. I am sincerely a fan of yours 🙂

  5. Our roads haven't crossed yet Aleah for sure it will happen in 2013. Happy New Year as well.

  6. www.blissfulguro.com says: Reply

    woohoo! happy 2013 sky and summer!

  7. For we'll meet on the road next year Aleah! Cheers for more travel on 2013

  8. We're really grateful to meet you Eds and your tips help a lot to finish this one. Yes, Thaipusam is a crowd drawer and shouldn't be missed when visiting Malaysia. Good Luck on your endeavor and wish you all the best in 2013.

  9. Claire it is, it's actually less gruesome than the rest 🙂 Thaipusam festival is very colorful and sometimes get bloody. It's equivalent to a Penetencia in Phils. Wish you more adventure in 2013 and hope to bump you on the road as well.

  10. Weee! Thanks Carla! Happy and Safe Travel! Hope to see you on the road next year.

  11. Drew, thanks for following on our journey through this blog. Wish you all the best for 2013 🙂

  12. happy new year guys!

  13. Thanks killerfiller, Happy New Year as well.

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