First Day of 365 and the Beach

05:30 1/1/2013 The cold breeze from the sea and the impending sunrise awaken our unconscious mind after a pseudo videoke battle of new year’s eve. The picturesque silhouette of hill and sun reflected on the calm sea was the first scene after dreamland. Indeed, a surreal view which we had long before upon living temporarily in Boleh Land. Now, standing still on the rock while gasping the serenity of our first day morning of brand new 365 days at the beach. 


The mighty sun showed up and once again dominated the sky . It reminded us of a beautiful day and a promise of a new beginning. The calmness of sea assures our pleasant boat ride and haven’t noticed that we had stared up above a quarter of an hour,  worshiping the sun and his creator. 

The Journey

The tangy saline smell of sea intoxicated our senses. Far different from the usual inert over chlorinated pool we used to in KL. Both olfactory bulbs recall that same scent  few years back. How can we forget? It was our first beach outing as a duo.

bf-gf Circa 2009

After so many high  and low tides, trials, and error, we still ride the same boat 4 years ago. We knew we’ll be coming back but not as soon and spend the first day of the year here.

Travelling Couple

When our boat dock on the port, we’re amused to see a galleon inspired Bangka (boat) from the resort. Is this for real? The flamboyant Bangka is comparable to  Flor dela Mar, a Portuguese carrack replica that we saw during our Melaka Trip. Blazing Jazz as they name it can carry thrice the capacity of that regular boats. Amazing isn’t it?

Aside from the large boat, we’re also surprised how Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark had commercially improved. A few years back, this resort only provides the usual amenities and stuff and not that popular to many. And when the general public discovers the beauty, it’s no more a hidden getaway. We only hope for a sustainable development.

The Resort


Before, we have to look for their staff in the restaurant if we have any concerns. Now, they have a dedicated staff in a separate reception area. 

Consolidating beach accessory and souvenir shops is something new on this resort. This really gives convenience to the guest if one doesn’t have time for shopping in the city. 

Aside from the usual pool, slides and water activities they also cater adventure junkies  with their zip line. But we had to skip the latter since no one is in the mood.

Unfinished Tahitian inspired Hut,  2009
Everyone on the resort was enjoying their preferred recreational activities. And us contemplating the next 364 days while staring the white sand beach. It’s charming turquoise clear water was hard to resist. And we knew it will take a while again before we’ll visit this paradise, so we swim ’till we’re knocked off.

Most of our time was spent on beach bumming, and we had enjoyed it much in Bluejaz. It’s just Day one and for sure there will be more bitches beaches we’ll visit on the next 364 days.

Happy New Year guys!

Beach Bum Couple,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Happy New Year! Gusto ko rin mag-beach bum this weekend!

  2. happy new year beach bum couple 🙂 very nice way to start the year. happy 2013 guys!

  3. Happy New Year Mica! Gora! Sarap mag beach lalo na pa Cebu byahe mo. Miss Bantayan.

  4. Thanks Much Carla. Happy New Year din! More beach get away for all of us 🙂

  5. Happy New Year Guys! Namiss q na kau! 🙂 More Beach getaway this year! 🙂 Ang ganda ng salubong nyu sa 2013!

  6. Bluejaz Resort, this was the place where we spent the day with cousins
    instead of our usual hangout which is Paradise Island. Somehow, I don't
    know anong set-up ng Paradise but I like the resort dito.

    Di pa ako nakapagbeach this 2013! haha.

  7. Thanks Riz, Let's plan on Tioman or Redang getaway 🙂

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