Yangon Trip : An Overview

08:00 01/05/2014 In recent years, Myanmar or known as Burma, gains a hype in the traveling sphere. It was the result of relaxing it’s visa policy and opening it’s door for tourism. A country shared boundaries with Thailand and Laos on the east, China on the north and Bangladesh on the west.  It’s famous for century old temples, golden pagoda and stupas, scenic landscape and rich culture. We’d been sold and vow to visit this country even before hearing those words. Just the Shwedagon was an enough reason. Over a year ago, in time for a long weekend, we packed our bag and fly to the last frontier of Asia.

Our flight touch down at Yangon International Airport, Myanmar’s busiest hub. We’re gladly welcomed by a thick fog and a palace? No, it’s actually their domestic terminal building (shame on  NAIA)  We looked dumbfounded seeing it on a close distance. Architecture and design was stunning.

We foresee a ramp to be in place after deplaning but surprisingly exiting on a tube. Okay, that was unexpected. Then we walk towards to arrival hall and got a shock of our life. Whoa! 

We pictured out of an old, cramped and much like to NAIA 1 airport. Facepalm! forgive our ignorance. We stepped on to once best and modern airport in Southeast Asia. Aside from the vast space and clean terminal building, we noticed the organize flow of their immigration. The friendly airport staff together with their efficient immigration officers makes the foreign tourist at ease. Something our country Philippines should emulate.

We came to Myanmar just in time when the country lifted the visa requirement for Filipinos. We queued to Visa on arrival, filled some forms, got a chopped and was allowed to stay for 14 Days. Welcome to the Golden Land!

We brought some crisp dollars and change Ringgits to their local currency Kyat, pronounce as “Chat”. We’d been told that airport is the safest to do currency exchange. So we buy bundle of Kyat, enough to cover our three days stay.

We took a cab from airport going to the bus terminal, to secure our tickets for Bagan. Along the journey, we glimpse the daily lives of Burmese people. Life was simple, clear absence of sophistication. Most of them look preoccupied while others shows good temperament. Visiting Yangon is a good immersion  for spoiled brats. Bit overwhelmed on what we saw.

We’re kinda surprised seeing men wearing some long skirts, called longyi.  We may not know the rationale of wearing it but it’s intriguing. Younger woman had jasmine flowers laced on their hair while majority of females have thanaka on their faces. It’s quite amusing, and had tried these customs when we’re at Bagan.

Friendly Burmese kids outside Shwedagon Pagoda

We reached to our destination via public transport from Aung Mingalar bus terminal. We walk a bit and ascended to the famous landmark in Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda. Details on a separate post.

Also we visit the spectacular reclining buddha of Chauk Htat Gyi  in Yangon. Then we roam around the city center, before we head back to Aung Mingalar bus terminal for a night bus travel to Bagan.

We didn’t explored much of Yangon due to a hectic schedule. It surely deserves a revisit and that’s what we planned for our future travel.

City Wanderers,

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