Yangon Trip: Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

12:35 01/05/2014   “Cha-uk ta-at  gi-yi” verbatim as it should be, that’s how we uttered the little famous pagoda to the taxi driver. He responded a bewildering look and silence. We keep on repeating the word hoping he’ll eventually get it but only mustered us with a smile. Great! Deep sigh! As a last resort and […]

Bangkok Trip: Wat Pho

16:35 12/10/2013 Our fascination with reclining Buddha started during our first visit of Thailand in Hat Yai few years back. After that, we haven’t stop invading at least three gigantic reclining Buddhas. Two in Southern Thailand, one in Penang, Malaysia. With an opportunity to visit Bangkok, our enthusiasm relived and plan ahead to stay as close […]

Penang Trip: Wat Chayamangkalaram

14:15 07/07/2013 Our short stint at Lorong Burma in Pulau Tikus Penang made us covered two countries just within two hours. How would that possible? Hey we’re not kidding. There is a part of Burma (now Myanmar) and Thailand on Malaysian soil. Don’t be confuse,  we’re referring to the Burmese and Thai religious structures that […]

Bangkok Trip: An Overview

08:25 12/10/2013 Spontaneous and unplanned. That’s how we described our weekend affair  in the bustling cosmopolitan of Thailand a few weeks ago. It was never a plan  to visit Bangkok, anytime soon. But a favorable circumstance came along the way and resisting it would only mean travel deprivation. The cheapo airfare was unbelievable, a kind of deal that […]

10 Things to do in Hatyai

Hat Yai, What? people always get dumbfounded whenever they heard about this place.  Had Yai (หาดใหญ่ ) or Hat Yai belongs to Songkhla, Southern province of Thailand. It’s the business center capital of the province and  4th most densely populated in Thailand. The city is known as haven for travelers who cross by land between Malaysia and Thailand. […]

Hatyai Trip: Wat Hat Yai Nai

17:35 01/09/2012 When our travel guide/driver blithely blab upon heading to the iconic site of Hat Yai. Our eyes glared with amusement. Where Where Where? we exclaimed in unison. He just answered with a smirk. Ayoo! This guy really knows exactly how to make people excited. We just recalled,  earlier that morning he mention that he’ll bring […]

Songkhla Trip: Wat Phranon Laem Pho

11:30 1/09/2012 Clouds concealing the mighty sun, cold wind blows, just a perfect weather exploring Songkhla, Southern province in Thailand. It’s our second day in Hatyai-Songkhla Trip last year when our driver/tour guide brought us to the places least we expect to visit. One of them is the Wat Phranon Laem Pho in Ko Yo […]